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Submission + - Microsoft won't use OOXML

Joe7Pak writes: Microsoft has done everything it possibly could, damn the ethics and rules, to get it's OOXML standard ratified. And if it does, will it use and follow this standard? Most likely not. In this article (http://www.techworld.com/storage/features/index.cfm?featureid=3685&pagtype=all), courtesy of TechWorld, Brian Jones, a Microsoft manager who has worked on OOXML for six years, says "It's hard for Microsoft to commit to what comes out of Ecma [the European standards group that has already OK'd OOXML] in the coming years, because we don't know what direction they will take the formats. We'll of course stay active and propose changes based on where we want to go with Office 14. At the end of the day, though, the other Ecma members could decide to take the spec in a completely different direction. ... Since it's not guaranteed, it would be hard for us to make any sort of official statement." Why are they trying to get a standard ratified if they have no intention of using it? Sounds like vendor lock-in, suckering people into thinking they are using a product which generates standard documents, but really doesn't.

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