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Comment Welcome to our world (Score 1) 175

As a disabled person, this whole discussion strikes me as some pretty big sour grapes. I sure never see this level of abject shock and horror about how fair things should be when it comes to me not being able to participate in things. But aside from this post, I usually don't whine about how unfair things are. Life gives some people different advantages. Sorry 99% of the people on this thread, you're getting a tiny look into what every day is like for disabled people.

Comment I love the guy, but come on (Score 1) 211

Almost all old people are scared and confused by the technology of a generation one or two iterations down the line. It doesn't matter if they played pretend with the idea at some point. It's just an age related inability to adapt to new situations. This is like a shocking story that Stallone can't take a punch as well anymore, or has heart issues despite playing Rocky. Age fucks with people, that's life. Doesn't matter if we're talking body or mind.

Comment Re:And I blame my parents (Score 1) 734

The problem is depression. The reason a lot of people kill themselves after starting to take antidepressants is that it gives them just enough motivation to accomplish it. And that's pretty much the nature of depression. The reason what you're talking about is so uncommon is that when people kill themselves due to depression they're suffering from an extreme lack of motivation and concern for the world around them. It's a process of essentially just dying inside. Just moving around becomes a trial, let alone coming up with or caring about an extreme assassination plot.

Comment Re:As usual for the media (Score 2) 283

But the US has decided this year that poor people with easily and cheaply treated diseases should be allowed to live. After only 230 years, and only about 100 years after the rest of the western world decided that it'd make them monsters not to! How can you not consider that humanitarian!

Comment Re:Best is two shifts with some recovery time betw (Score 1) 311

Easily the best times in my life. Everyone always says how important face to face discussion is, but personally the best code I've ever written has either been at home or in a secluded park with a laptop. I just find it far easier to focus when there aren't conversations and voices all around. I don't know why having a company chat window open doesn't give me the same distraction, but it never hits me the same way.

Comment Chicken or the egg situation (Score 1) 655

The blurb mentions it's easy to breed your own sterile and pathogen free insects. But the device isn't actually available for purchase. It's not easy, because there's no demand. There's no demand because it's not easy. If it was as simple as with the linked device I'd do it. But I won't devote the time needed for more difficult and less cost effective ways.

Comment Re:Castlevania, can you stop the 3d failures? (Score 1) 135

I think the biggest issue is just finding ways to add enough to that formula to get people interested. I loved the early castlevania games but I don't really know what it'd take to get me interested in buying a new one. I'd want something other than more of the same, but also not straying too far away from that old formula. I can see why people like me would be really hard to target with that. Still, I felt the same way about ghosts n' goblins. And the psp game actually did manage to balance novelty and nostalgia enough to make me enjoy it.

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