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Comment Political party against it (Score 5, Informative) 127

Complimentary pirate party against ACTA.

There's some discussion to protest the next ACTA meeting in Sydney. It would be great to emphasise how shocking it is for ACTA discussion to be held behind doors when it affects everyone in Australia.

Please do post other options or suggestions against ACTA. I don't want this gross violation of democracy to occur.

Comment If you really want to go against it (Score 3, Interesting) 89

Political party Pirate Party Australia

We would really appreciate volunteers! Ask in the forum how to help. You can also help by advocacy. Get people to think and talk PPAU when angry about copyright/patents/internet/etc.

Note: PPAU were not in the recent federal elections because registration wasn't complete by the time the election was called.

Comment Re:Vote Tweedledum or Tweeledee (Score 3, Informative) 169

You have your choice in the upcoming election with a choice of up to 25 parties for Senate and House of Representatives (Upper and Lower house respectively).

There's websites like my website ShockSeat's Federal parties list that'll give you some basic information about parties. Or you can try Wiki's list of Political parties in Australia. Or simply look up the party names, almost all of them have websites and see what they have to say.

My last comment for those who feel demoralised at 'duopoly' of major parties and considered not voting; if you don't vote, then Australia would still continue to be represented by voters. Don't complain that you're not represented for the next 4 years.

Comment Re:What do you expect from a union hack? (Score 2, Informative) 98

Why the hell would you elect someone you don't know? Did you know there's 21 federal parties such as the Liberal Democratic party? Non-custodial parents party? Here's a list of Political parties in Australia or officially from your independent electoral site: Current register of Federal parties

Our system is far better than USA with Preferential voting and Proportional representation. I'll give a quick example:

  • Awesome party: 25% votes
  • Excitement party: 35% votes
  • Plain party: 40% votes

Guess who wins with USA's system? Plain party. With Australia's system, and Awesome party transfers 25% to Excitement party, Excitement party gets elected at 60%. A really good example in real life is 2007 Federal Election: South Australia

The independent electoral system works here. There's information provided if you simply google their websites. The media seems to not wish to report minor parties (probably because a few of them seem quiet). Voting for some unknown because you think you have no idea is just bloody stupid.

There's also a website to promoting awareness of other parties (Disclaimer: My website). There is:

  • Federal parties list
  • Issues Want to know party positions of It's there.
  • Safe Seat One of the political articles.
  • About [ShockSeat] I'm tackling the ridiculous apathy and there's a youth study that shows non-normative intentions are on the rise. Non-normative means non-peaceful protests.

I'm currently having trouble trying to get information from federal parties themselves. If you have any influence, ask them to respond to the contacts I have sent out. It may be because I have no power, or the like. I have only received one refused response so far. It would be greatly appreciated!

I implore you, please make a valid formal vote to a party that almost if not fully represents you.

Comment Re:Looking slightly dangerous for Rudd (Score 1) 255

The Liberals and Labor party actually want an internet filter in Australia.

The Liberals only want a more stricter filter and are against Labor's filter because it's not strong enough. It's even found that the Greens don't say whether they wish for a better/weaker filter than Labor's current filter.

Comment Re:Actually, most of the world's getting it (Score 0, Offtopic) 208

I'm trying to ask parties to fill out a survey for which includes asking of the issue of copyright infringement protections which include DMCA or similar. Unfortunately, out of 26 parties, only the Liberal Democratic Party has accepted and filled out the survey promptly. If you're concerned about DMCA or any of the issues from the sample survey, please encourage the parties to fill the survey out.

Comment Re:Elections are coming up... (Score 1) 158

They can't hide their positions on the Internet Filtering Scheme

Some people are watching their promises.

Whether people vote for or against parties on the issue is another thing. The site can't tell them who to vote for, but what the party position is, the informed voters still have to make up their mind. The Australian Labor Party did actually make the Internet Filtering Scheme an election promise that they have not yet carried out but are in the process.

Comment Website that cuts through the bull (Score 2, Informative) 137

This website ShockSeat cuts through the bull of each party to what they really support. I hope to show bi-partisan responses to issues that people may not otherwise know such as Internet Filtering Scheme.

If you wish to contribute, I need people to demand the parties to come clear on issues in the survey I have given them. So far, only 1 of 26 parties have answered and even then, I'm adding all the listed issues.

If anything, I hope it's a great guide to interested voters who are concerned about certain issues and don't want to wade through the sales pitch.

Comment Re:Political action (Score 4, Informative) 152

There's a list of what parties support the Internet Filtering Scheme(s):

/disclaimer, I maintain the website.

I'm recently doing a survey which will include game classification, there's no R and X classification for games. And not just internet filtering, but copyright, patent, whether they support other means to restrict content ownership and more. You can view a sample of the survey that was sent to parties here: Although it's pretty amaterurish, it's already making it much easier to add more issues to my website.

Bonus: If my site takes off, I will get or at least present vague notions of what the parties plan to do so it would be up to the 'crowd' to demand clarity.

Some more information about the website here:

Comment Other people trying to do change too (Score 1) 235

Here's the list of party positions determined:

However, the DDOS attacks are preventing me from determining the votes of Lower and Upper House on issues like Copyright for the upcoming Federal Election, so whenever some of the government sites are up I am unable to access it at all, especially Copyright Amendment Bill 2006 at (;adv=yes;db=;group=;holdingType=;id=;orderBy=priority,title;page=3;query=Dataset%3AbillsPrevParl%20Decade%3A%222000s%22%20Year%3A%222006%22;querytype=;rec=5;).

Some media are talking about it occasionally, it's not front page news and mostly it's just aggravating the government, the officials and site visitors. This isn't making the government abandon it or raising strong awareness with the public.

I implore you guys not to attack the government websites for months on end. If you're going to protest, try something else that's better at raising awareness.

/disclaimer, I run

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