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Comment Jones denies hack (Score 1) 115

In this video he briefly denies the hack:

Jones' dismissal sounds somewhat uninformed. But it also sounds like VICE/Motherboard saw a hashed file and then paid for only a few cracked hashes.

Sounds like Jones is claiming the "cracked hashes" were stooge accounts.

There should have been a headline a few days ago, "Hillary thinks it is worth her time to attack Alex Jones."

Comment Re:Because Wayland support is moved to DR 0.20 (Score 5, Informative) 152

Official statement on Wayland support in Enlightenment and its libraries:

"It also is in the transition from X11 to Wayland. We are fully committed to moving to Wayland eventually as this is definitely the future of the graphical display layer on Linux."

From the Enlightenment home page.

Comment Shitty JavaScript == massive memory leaks (Score 1) 350

A single tab using 300 MB for its JavaScript scratchpad isn't uncommon these days, even tabs whose scratchpads grow by the second. This tab is consuming 36 MB currently (up from 32 MB a few minutes ago), with a single poorly-designed ad consuming 4 MB alone. Resource usage on this tab appears to be growing at about 1 MB per minute due to shitty JavaScript on the page.

I used to keep Slashdot open in a tab all day, everyday, but not anymore. I have to close Slashdot frequently to clear up its huge memory leaks.

Comment How did you avoid a cult of personality? (Score 1) 383

Linux doesn't seem to rely on a cult of personality around Linus so much as it relies on the person Linus, whereas other projects like Python form a cult of personality around Guido van Rossum, or GNOME 3 forms a cult of personality around designer Allan Day, etc.

How did you cultivate Linux with your strong personality while avoiding a cult of personality, and how can other project leaders employ similar techniques to benefit their projects?

Comment 1s > 128ms, therefore slew (Score 2) 233

NTP would typically slew a 1-second difference, so Google is not out-of-line to add the second at the beginning of the day and slew their systems over the course of the day. Google uses lots of vector clocks in their distributed systems, they may have calculated that slewing over the course of the day introduces fewer time differences between machines than counting the final second twice (due to drift, which is inevitable on any NTP slave, corrected by "frequency discipline" and error estimates).

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