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Comment HCL Tech and employee satisfaction? Ha! (Score 1) 235

It amazes me that such a blatant piece of PR propaganda by a company that is increasingly losing the offshore battle to its better-managed peers(Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, Cognizant) has been written by a senior editor at Fortune!

I'm from India and I've worked in the outsourcing industry for the last 5 years and believe me when I say that HCLT is absolutely the worst place to work amongst all the large IT companies. It is extremely political(careers get decided based on your camps), has no stable strategy/value proposition for the long run, has a long culture of employees back-stabbing each other to work their way up and has way more issues related to sexual harassment than its peers. For a company like this to claim superior management practices and employee satisfaction is like Enron trying to act like the paragon of corporate responsibility!

That apart - exactly where in the article is there *any* reference to managerial practices outside HCL, for the author to come to the conclusion that the "future of management is Indian"? Further, is there even an iota of innovation that seems to be borne from the article that the author is impressed with? Online suggestion tickets, 360-degree reviews? Please...if these are what the author is impressed with, then I suggest he visit real strategic innovators like Infosys(in India) or GE and Toyota(globally).

And this guy, David Kirkpatrick is a senior editor at Fortune?!? No wonder real business folks stick with the Economist!

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