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Comment Re:Any other insomniacs that enjoy it out there? (Score 1) 234

i've always been mostly nocturnal, comfortably going to bed a 7am and waking up around the crack of noon (thank you daniel for the expression), but for the last few years i've been forced into a routine of waking up super-early. about two years ago that finally took effect, and i found myself unable to sleep in, even on weekends.

i recently got an opportunity to relax for a month, and the second i knew that i was out of the routine (that never happened on vacation) i suddenly found myself back in my old habits and sleeping beautifully, correctly keeping my eyes shut in the mornings but viewing the dawn from the other side :)

now that i'm back in a routine, i simply cannot bring myself to give up the best hours of the day: i'm sleeping about 3 hours a night, and i feel physically better off and mentally more alert if i don't get much more than that. i'm incredibly active in addition to my desk job, so either i'm on my way to a heart attack or i'm doing just fine. it's not insomnia, it's a gift.

enjoy it!

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