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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 272

Surely if it were so dangerous, it would be thoroughly tested and then locked down.
Externally updatable negates reliability

In the real world, the answer is always, there is something wrong with your battery - you need a new one.
Resistance will be met with appeals to fear (it could blow up, the plane will fall from the sky, the world will end etc)

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 422

I'm looking at a 41CV circa 1981 on my desk at work.
I use it everyday as well

Sitting beside it is a nice shiny Samsung Galaxy S2, I don't want a 30 year old phone on my desk

It's really strange how many young whipper snappers (any one under 40 these days) recognise the 41 it as "the engineers calculator"....

Comment Re:Anonymity (Score 1) 84

Sounds like a standard company email system to me.
Companies don't want random emails from unknown people that may mean they have to do something.

From a lame arse managers perspective:
Option A Get random a email, don't realise it's importance, no action taken. Get in lots of trouble
Option B Don't get a random email, no decision need - no problem

Most companies these days seem go for option B and hide all email access from Joe Public.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 320

I don't think there was any need to shorten a link to the wikipedia article on 911 (it's not as if we are on twitarse or anything)

It is also a ridiculously long bow to draw to link defense cuts to 911 - esp when the inteligence agencies had info that something was up but decided it was nothing
spending more money on tanks and planes isn't going to change a judgment call.

(unfortunately we have now gone from one extreme to the other extreme - usually to the point of charades to be seen to be doing something.)

Comment Re:Not a fan boy, but... (Score 1) 264

Hmmm, to me that sounds more like possible rather than easy

How about
Right click, Copy (or Right click "search google" or Right click "Open link in new Tab")
Or just Click (or Ctrl-tab) to change browser Tab
Ctrl X,C or V makes moving text very easy
Selecting text down to individual letters is also trivial

When I am traveling I take lots of photo's
With my netbook I can plug the SD card into it, delete the dud pictures, Copy the rest to the hard drive then do another copy to an external drive.
3 copies means it will take an armed robbery to lose all the pictures.
I just spent $280 on a dual core netbook so I won't cry (much) if it breaks (the old one had a glossy screen which I absolutely hated)

On the up side, Maybe being more difficult to open lots of tabs would mean I wouldn't have so many open tabs (I often end out with over 2 dozen open - even on the netbook)

Comment Re:Not a fan boy, but... (Score 1) 264

I will have to take my hat of to you
I have put the challenge I described to 3 people who loved their tablets (2 Ipads and a cheap chinese thing running Android 2.1)
They all ended out agreeing that it was horses for courses.
Possible != better no mater how much you love your toy

I could probably do all the tasks with a Symbian phone as well, I would just prefer not to.
I could easily do them on My N900 but I wouldn't unless I had no other choice.

If you want the convenience of portability, you sacrifice size
If you want more convenience, lose the keyboard
If you want the same convenience with longer battery life, sacrifice processor power.
Everything is a balancing act which the user gets to choose.

At home or work, I want a desktop with a decent screen
In a different city or country) I want my netbook
On a plane, bus or train, I want my tablet or my Kindle
Walking around, My phone is more than adequate

Horses for Courses - unless you are involved in a religious argument

Comment Re:It's all about the angle (Score 1) 133

Having a spare Saturn 5 lying around after the moon shots were canceled definitely helped get pure tonnage into space.....

(Oh dear, I am now off for another Wikipedia trivia search to find the max lift capacity of the Saturn 5 compared to the shuttle. Maybe the intertubes are a waste of time after all)

Back already - Saturn V 119,000 Kg - Space Shuttle 24,400Kg.

Comment Re:Not a fan boy, but... (Score 1) 264

Try booking an Airline ticket with a tablet

How about sending an email while referencing a web page
Or messaging someone while VNC'ing into a remote machine

How about anything that requires doing more than one thing at a time - or even just changing apps with something like a quick alt-tab
Netbooks plow through that sort of thing with out blinking - Cut down OS's just choke at the idea.
It horses for courses and the Netbook course is a lot lot bigger.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 264

Yep, but as everyone already knows
Motorola = Douchebags (bootstrap fuses anyone)

When the Xoom was released, it was duly noted by all the reviewers that some advertised features were missing.
Anyone who jumps onto the bleeding edge of technology based on a marketing promise deserves to get cut to ribbons.

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