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Comment Not "So Much", but "So Long" (Score 1) 729

The title is wrong, because it only refers to a duration (40 hours) and not a work quantity. It should have been "Why Do Americans Work So Long?".

You should check the OECD Stats, where you can find the GDP per hour worked, which should be a better indicator (not perfect, but better)

As an example, Norway or Irish people would work less time to generate more GDP, per capita.

Comment Professional phones and expense policy (Score 2) 482

One of the reason could be because some companies still reimburse only the contract monthly cost, and not for mobile phone itself. Some people do not want to use their personal phone, and prefer getting a new one, only for professional matters. In this case, the only way for them - if they don't want to entirely pay for a new phone - is to have a new contract, with mobile phone cost embedded.

Submission + - Microsoft to buy Winamp ? (

Jimpqfly writes: After Nullsoft announcement to shut down Winamp development and Shoutcast services, Microsoft looks interested in buying back the llama. For once, this would look like a good strategy for Microsoft in order to beat iTunes' ass ! Let's cross our fingers ...

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