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Comment Re:Still Don't Get It (Score 2) 65

I always though it was ridiculous too. Turns out if you use some kind of profile management system to control a swag of iPads at a school for example then if you wanted to push out these iWork apps you'd have to purchase a copy for each device (because setting up management usually means wiping the iPads clean) ! This is nuts considering each device already had an entitlement for these programs out of the box - I never understood why Apple wanted to double dip this way apart from the benefits of double dipping for them.

Comment Re:I've moved to Mikrotik (Score 1) 427

I completely agree. Get a Mikrotik device of some kind. They are reliable, Swiss-army-knife-flexible, cheap, robust and have a huge range of devices to choose from. You can even assemble your own configuration from parts if you want too. The Winbox config utility is fantastic and works just fine with Wine in Linux. They are now coming out with models that have 802.11ac too. I Mikrotiks with ADSL2+ modems (like the Draytek Vigor 120) in RFC-1422 bridged mode but they will work fine with cable modems, Wimax system and with some models you can use a USB 3G/4G dongle.

Comment Computers these days are more than adequate (Score 5, Insightful) 564

Anything sold in the last 4-5 years with an i3/i5/i7 with over 2GB of RAM and Vista or Win7 is still more than enough for most businesses and individuals. There is no real incentive to replace the whole machine when there are cheap options to upgrade with a few more GB and an SSD to give it a new lease of life.

Comment Re:More "graphic material" needed? (Score 1) 277

I agree we do lived in a death and gore sanitised world. I don't like such gore as entertainment like we get now with Dexter or any number of other splatter fantasies as it's not tempered in the west with the agony of injury and pain and the finality of death. Gimme living boobs anyday for entertainment! I remember visiting an Indian friends house and a newspaper he had showed a large front page picture of the woman who blew up Rajif Ghandi pieced back together as much as possible - head, arms and legs only. It was pretty jolting to see as a teenager but I think the West needs more of such doses reality.

Comment With Windows Backdoored, What's the Point? (Score 4, Interesting) 174

Given the creator of Windows and US government can, sufficiently compelled, walk into any Windows system that is internet connected at any time they desire what's the frickin' point? Everything else is security theatrics. Do what the old security honcho of MS has done and drop out.

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