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Submission + - ESPN unloads new design on April 1st, everyone wishes it was a joke (

JimboFBX writes: is the latest website to adopt a fluid lay-out, and as with almost every other site that's done so in an effort to accommodate tablet devices, it has resulted in a significant downgrade in the user experience, especially for smartphone users. The comments page has been overwhelmingly negative.

A fluid lay-out is page that is user-agent agnostic and simply reorganizes the page based on the dimensions of the browser window. You can preview the mobile page by simply shrinking the browser window.

Is it me or is the combo of a fluid layout + ajax calls ruining web browsing? It takes 8 seconds to use because the pop-in from AJAX calls results in a constant reorganization of the site. requires that I refresh it TWICE in order to see the latest news, an issue that is made worse by Chrome on Android forcing you to stop the page before you can refresh it (menu button, stop, menu button, refresh, menu button, stop, menu button, refresh). was horrendous when it first switched to the fluid layout; its still bad but at least the auto-playing video ads (with sound) at the bottom of the page are gone, and the back button seems to work properly now. There's nothing wrong with the idea of a fluid lay-out, but the execution of it always seems to be terrible.

Submission + - still being hit by DDoS attack (

JimboFBX writes:, a popular website for forming groups and arranging meetups (I first used it for airsoft), is once again down due to an ongoing DDoS attack that no doubt must be causing their engineers fits. It started on Thursday, February 27th and has been going on through the weekend despite meetup overhauling their infrastructure to counter it. For many users, this goes beyond just being an inconvenience as a lot of users rely on the site for communication and to find the address of a meetup.

Submission + - Contest for Guessing When Ice will Melt Has New Record in 97 Year History (

JimboFBX writes: The Nenana Ice Classic is a contest held in Alaska where a tripod is placed on the Tanana River in the winter and for the past 97 years the winner(s) is whomever is closest at guessing the exact date and time it will fall over from the ice underneath it melting in the spring. This year a new record was set as it melted on May 20th at 2:41 pm, the latest ever. The Ice Classic has been a barometer for climate change as one can see it has on average melted earlier and earlier, especially in the past decade. To put things in perspective, the last time it fell on May 8th or later was in 2001. This is the first time in the past two decades it has lasted longer than that. In 1992 it melted on May 14th and that was a freakishly strong winter. Seven of the past ten years the ice melted May 2nd or earlier. Does this start to mark the turning point for climate change, or is it more proof of the extremes that are to come as the Earth continues to heat up?

Submission + - Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday ( 1

JimboFBX writes: Interesting piece of baseball history happened on Friday. Jean Segura of the Milwaukee Brewers stole second, tried to steal third too early, but made it back to second before being tagged. The problem was that teammate Ryan Braun already made it to second on the steal attempt. After tags were applied to both baserunners, Segura started trotting to the dug out before realizing that he wasn't out, Braun was, and his only option was to make it back to first. He then of course proceeded to try to steal second base again. The software for keeping the box score? Doesn't (yet) support someone running backwards on the bases. Looks like that will have to change.

Submission + - Apple Calendar Alarms Still Don't work

JimboFBX writes: Amazingly I'm seeing little info about this... But my calendar alarm on my iphone still doesn't work properly (4.2.1, the latest version for my 3G). If you set an alert for an event on your calendar it will occur an hour later than what you wanted. So for example, a "half hour early" alarm will give you a warning a half hour after the event started. Clearly another day-light savings bug, which makes you wonder how incompetent the QA department must be at apple to fudge this up time and time again.

Submission + - The Toyota Shuffle (

JimboFBX writes: I've had my 2007 Camry for a while, but it wasn't until recently I took it in for the recalls and scheduled maintenance that I remembered "Oh yeah, I wondered if they ever released a firmware update for my sound system because the shuffle mechanism is defective". Making a long story short, the 2007 Camry and likely other Toyota vehicles have a poorly designed shuffle algorithm that barely could be called a shuffle at all. Its the sort of thing I'd expect a first semester Computer Science student to turn in and hope the instructor doesn't play with long enough to find how poorly designed it was. Basically, if you insert a CD, it creates 8 playlists from the CD, and never veers from it. When you turn on the car, it always goes to the beginning of the next playlist after the current song finishes. I tried newer model years and saw deja vu, although the issue isn't as pronounced if it still exists on newer vehicles. Please see the youtube video for a demonstration and for a longer description of how it works. Sound is completely unnecessary, just watch the song number.

After some phone calls, seeing a dealership, and frustration, I'm throwing in the towel for getting this fixed and decided just to embarrass Toyota instead by putting up a video. Enjoy. Maybe they'll fix it now if it gets enough attention.

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