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Google Wins European Trademark Victory 39

adeelarshad82 writes "A European court has ruled in Google's favor, saying that allowing advertising customers to use the names of other companies as search keywords does not represent a trademark violation. The court also went on to say that Google's AdWords program is protected by a European law governing Internet hosting services. Google's main line of defense was claiming that companies that want to extend trademark law to keywords are really interested in 'controlling and restricting the amount of information that users may see in response to their searches.' The decision is the first in a series of decisions from the court about how trademark rights can be used to restrict information available to users. Google is currently battling several trademark keyword cases in the US, including a case against Rosetta Stone, Inc."

Submission + - Firefox usage close to 25% in Europe.

donstenk72 writes: "Firefox cannot be stopped: close to 25% of the Europeans use the open source browser, according to the Xiti monitor. r/firefox-march-2007/index-1-2-3-77.html.

In Slovenia usage tops 40% whilst France, Germany and Finland show a percentage that is much higher than the world average.

Not really a surprise, many Europeans are open to alternatives, particularly when they work well!"

Submission + - Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe

PARENA writes: "French researcher Xiti claims that Mozilla Firefox keeps winning terrain in Europe. Almost 25% of internet users in Europe uses Firefox. Slovenia (44.5%), Finland (41.3%), Croatia (36.5%) and Germany (36.2%) lead the way, followed by a group of mostly Eastern European countries. Remarkably, The Netherlands is only at 13.3%, right before Andorra. The rest of the world (except Oceania) is behind Europe, with 11.9% to 15.1%."

Feed Zillow Busted In Arizona For Not Having An Appraiser License (

Earlier this year, an insurance agent was found guilty of the unauthorized practice of law for helping a client draw up a will using Quicken software. A couple of months later, the proprietors of a website that offered to help people file for bankruptcy were dinged for basically the same thing. Both of these cases were disturbing because they were examples of a profession (lawyers) receiving protection against new technologies that could help automate their services and over the long run force them to lower their fees. Since its inception, the popular real estate appraisal website Zillow has been attacked by those in the realty profession, since it has the potential to break up the monopoly that brokers and agents have on real estate information. Now the state of Arizona has issued a cease & deist against the site, because it delivers home price estimates without having appraiser license in the state of Arizona. This is nothing more than a baldfaced attempt to protect members of a certain profession against a new service that might undercut their profits. In fact, it was the Arizona Board of Appraisal that delivered the C&D to Zillow. You can see on the board's website that nearly half of its members are professional appraisers that would naturally have an interest in keeping out the competition. While this decision obviously helps appraisers, it's really hard to see how this arrangement benefits the people of Arizona.
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Paid to do nothing?

djupedal writes: Are you paid to do nothing? Were you hired to do nothing?

Are you paid, yet you don't do any work? This is for anyone, except of course those collecting job benefits. I'm talking about those that come into work and hang out and do nothing whatsoever productive, but still receive regular performance reviews, generic corporate emails and a routine weekly/monthly salary. Maybe you don't even have to show up at the office.

I have a friend who is going on six months since he was asked to do any type of work, yet his (not meager) salary keeps being automatically deposited and the only time anyone from the office checks on him is to make sure he is still alive. How long has it been since you had an assignment or participated in an active project, etc.? What do you do with your time? How long do you think this type of ghost position can continue? Is this a dream job or an ethical burden?

Submission + - Open Alternative to the iPhone?

schlick writes: When I watched the iPhone presentation I was pretty impressed. When I found out that it will only be available on the Cingular/Att network that pretty much killed any enthusiasim I had for the device. The fact that it is a closed platform is just another nail in the coffin. Despite what Jobs says, most of us geeks know that open==good. So what is the alternative? How about the OpenMoko Neo 1973? Sean Moss-Pultz explains the phone and some of the philosophy behind it. Their home page says they will be shipping devices this month, but I don't think that is likely. Open hardware, Open software, what's not to like?

Submission + - Vista network folder hell

An anonymous reader writes: A reader at The Register has reported that there are issues with renaming folders or files created on network drives with Vista. The affected systems contain pre-installed editions of Vista shipped on new PCs and Laptops. A number of manufacturers are affected and these issues have been reported in this thread on Microsoft's Technet forum well before Vista shipped to retail channels.

Does the Internet Need a Major Capacity Upgrade? 357

wiggles writes "According to the Chicago Tribune, the recent surge of video sites such as Youtube and Google video are pushing the limits of the Internet's bandwidth, or soon will be. Pieter Poll, chief technology officer at Qwest Communications, says that traffic volumes are growing faster than computing power, meaning that engineers can no longer count on newer, faster computers to keep ahead of their capacity demands. Further, a recent report from Deloitte Consulting raised the possibility that 2007 would see Internet demand exceed capacity. Admittedly, this seems a bit sensationalist, but are we headed for a massive slowdown of the whole internet?"

Submission + - Network engineer a viable career?

An anonymous reader writes: I'm fresh out of high school and interested in getting a job in networking. One option is a degree in networking, the alternative I've considered is just getting certificates (CCNA/P, A+, MCSA). A large factor in my decision is which route is most likely to land a secure and well-paid full time job. I'm located in Melbourne, Australia and I don't have any local contacts in the industry who can advise me, and so was hoping some aussie(or international) slashdotters could share their knowledge and experience with these issues.

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