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Comment Re:Page switching speed (Score 1) 61

(I know hardly anyone will read this at this point, but we've been without power here for a few days so trying to catch up.)

My favorite type of e-reading software uses the "ReadThemAll" scrolling method, which would work extremely well with e-ink devices. Instead of scrolling or flipping pages, it replaces the text line by line, and allows you to dynamically adjust the auto-scrolling speed. It places a marker on the far right of the page for about where you should be reading to keep pace, and a dotted line showing where the current break is between the next and current pages is located. When reading at a constant rate, you can read for extended periods without having to touch a thing and with no flickers or jumps of changing text.

Here is an animated gif showing how it works (at a VERY slow auto-scroll rate.) The gif is from old PalmOS, which I think was the first system that had a program to use it. The developer has has also made an e-book reader program using ReadThemAll for Windows.

Comment Re:Use the telephone (Score 1) 85

There may be one sun, but there are many other variables involved where I could see a longer or larger sample size being quite useful. Overhanging and changing objects such as tall nearby structures or trees (which also lose leaves for part of the year which greatly changes the amount of sunlight that can reach the roof), seasonal variations in cloud cover, the change in strength and duration of daily sunlight due to the tilt of the earth throughout the year, etc would make me very wary of a single, short test period.

Comment Re:Keep it Up (Score 5, Informative) 495

Official listing of contact info (mailing address, phone numbers, and web e-mail) for US Senators:

Since any bill would have to pass both houses, and since the Representatives from your state should also have some influence on the Senators from your state you may want to contact them too:

Comment Re:Submitter did NOT RTFA (Score 1) 129

You are complaining that the submitter did not read the BBC article, when everything in the submission is taken directly from the article. Even the scientific abstract itself states:

Furthermore, these composite fibers were, on average, tougher than the parental silkworm silk fibers and as tough as native dragline spider silk fibers.

Now you use someone else's post for your support, which refers to tables and figures that I do not see in the BBC article, and not even in the scientific abstract. You have to pay to access the full scientific paper since it is not in print yet, which I suppose is where the table mentioned is located.

It is well and good to point out that the scientific results may not be as strong as what the BBC article makes it out to be, but claiming that the submitter did not read the full BBC article was a (presumably) false statement and did not point to anything that showed why the claim of the strength of the modified silk worms was incorrect.

Comment Re:Submitter did NOT RTFA (Score 2) 129

Commenter did NOT RTFFA (Read The Full Fine/F*cking Article):

Smack dab in the middle of the article is the actual quote:

GM worms produced by a team led by Professor Don Jarvis of Wyoming University seem to be producing a composite of worm and spider silk in large amounts - which the researchers say is just as tough as spider silk.

Comment Smart heat pump thermostat (Score 1) 192

I have a heat pump, and would like a reasonably priced smart heat pump thermostat. I can't use a standard programmable thermostat since if I tell it to go down to go down to 60 at night, then 68 shortly before I get up it will flip into Auxiliary Mode (actually more likely bump all the way up to Emergency Mode) and use the MUCH less efficient electrical backup systems. Heat pumps alone can be pretty efficient but often MUCH more gradual, needing a fair bit of lead time.

A smart heat pump thermostat would probably need external sensors for the outdoor temperature, and maybe even add things like wind speed, ambient heat from direct sunlight vs overcast, etc to determine when to start up the heat pump and stay only in the most efficient heat pump mode yet still get to the desired temperature at the desired time. It would learn over time how differing outdoor conditions altered its efficiency and adjust accordingly.

I grew up with a gas furnace and we had a fairly inexpensive thermostat that could be programmed for 6 changes a day, with the ability to customize all 7 days individually if desired, or have one setting for M-F and another for Sat and one for Sun. You could manually make an adjustment and have it kick back into the programmed settings at the next programmed interval. I don't see much need for going beyond that for non-heat pump systems.

Comment Re:To be honest, I'm not against this. (Score 1) 271

Transferring ownership of the account should have no impact on the developer/host/game company. I agree that players should not expect a server to continue hosting games years after they have stopped selling them without receiving compensation, but this should be done through a yearly access fee or something similar. If a game passes hands ten times in a year, while another copy is held by the same owner for ten years, why should the hosting company require $100 for a single year of use from the first copy, while being perfectly happy with receiving $10 for ten years of use for the second copy?

Comment Re:VVVVVV Recommended! (Score 1) 158

I was a bit disappointed that no soundtracks were included for any of the corresponding games this time around. I have not had a chance to install the games yet, but reading your post already makes me look forward to hearing the music and also sad that I won't have a simple soundtrack set to play in the car. Maybe we can ask the Humble Bundle crew if they can release some of the soundtracks once X copies are sold or X dollars are raised. They have done similar things in the past.

Comment Grr, first attempt to submit a story (Score 1) 1

I got the e-mail from the Humble Bundle crew announcing the Humble Indie Bundle 3 and thought I'd submit it here since this is where I first found out about the Humble Bundles. This was my first attempt at submitting a story, and looks like I messed a few things up. Any way I can fix these?

1. Used the DRM straightjacket icon for the story instead of the Games joystick icon (I didn't know what the icons being shown in the lower corner of my submission meant or why it seemed to change at times.)

2. Unneeded carriage return after "Cogs by", did not show up in the Preview box since it was much narrower and meshed in at the right spot.

I don't really pay attention to tags on Slashdot, so not sure how to figure out which ones should be used.


Submission + - The Humble Indie Bundle 3 Released ( 1

JimWise writes: The fourth Humble Bundle Humble Bundle has been released (the third to be released was the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle). Included in this bundle are: Crayon Physics Deluxe by Klooniegames; Cogs by
Lazy 8 Studios; VVVVVV by Terry Cavanagh; Hammerfight by Kranx Productions; and And Yet It Moves by Broken Rules. Each of the games in the bundle is DRM free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as available through Steam. As with the other Humble Bundles, you pay what you want and customize how much goes towards the developers, EFF, Child's Play, and the Humble Tip.

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