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Comment Unfair System (Score 2) 42

In a fair economic situation every company would have total access to a competitor's data. That way they can price compete while both having all the information. In an unfair system what does it mean to cheat? Is it to the players' benefit that all the data is kept secret? After all if all know the truth the pay might be much higher.

Comment Figure It Out (Score 1) 607

That means that less money can be made by businesses doing sales in the US. Now combine lower wages with a persistent inflation that is high enough that the public never gets a real number on the rate of inflation and in effect they are saying this new crop of workers will live and die in poverty. Are we having fun yet? Is the US the new Mexico?

Comment It's Another right Wing Lie (Score 1) 1135

First peoples' taxes will not go up as people will not be taxed. Businesses will take on the tax load as well as the rich. Because the masses will have more money to spend the sales taxes and income taxes paid by the businesses will generate more wealth than the wealth formerly garnered from taxing workers. The idea that job programs will work is absurd. The US has had numerous job programs and they have pretty much been worthless both to society and the workers. That is severely compounded as we simply have less and less need for human workers. Every little advance in technology means less and less jobs will be available. Look at it on a simple level. The new Elo car gets 85 mpg.. A Harley motorcycle only gets about 40mpg. Now just how many jobs will be lost driving gas tankers due to the high mileage ability of the Elo cars? The point being that even a bit of a new technology in a car design ripples through other industries and causes job losses along a large chain of businesses. How about gasoline taxes on a vehicle that gets 85mpg? Some states already apply a tax on electric cars as they pay no gas taxes. It is easy to see just how society resists changes even without taking a vote or considering the effect of new laws and regulations designed to cover changes caused by advancing technology. For decades we were told that good Americans would stop using so much energy. Then electric cars come along and the same government applies penalties for doing exactly what they asked people to do. These problems are a strange and perverse corruption that is so built into the system that we have no answers at all. And by the way, who will buy that Harley when an Elo has air conditioning and gets twice the gas mileage. And the Elo is so simple in design that like Tesla they may not need dealerships at all. How many people work in car dealerships?

Comment For Elsewhere ! (Score 1) 33

A lot of good ideas are locked into specific climate zones. I'm in Florida and far enough south that heat and humidity are a problem almost 365 days a year. Just how would such a suit or skin keep a person from death from heat exhaustion? Even some of the velo mobiles that work nicely in other places are no use at all in Florida. A recumbent bicycle puts your fanny closer to the black top. If that blacktop is 180 degrees F being closer is a really lousy idea. Now just imagine a robotic skin and the energy supply it would need to keep one cool in our climate. heck, even a Tee shirt is too much clothing here.

Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 1) 387

My feeling is that there is a god and that God is the ultimate in efficiency. Just how would a multiverse be created/ To be efficient it would have to be something resembling a computer program so that real space and substance would not be required and multiple or endless multiple universes could all exist in the same computer either being allowed to interact one with the next or disallowed from any interactions. Physical models seem to confirm this. For example a black hole seems to take in truly awesome amounts of matter and energy and put them is some sort of absolute elsewhere. The idea that matter can be compressed to the point that it no longer has any size at all is a proof that matter is some sort of illusion. If one does not accept the notion that we are some sort of program then how does one describe the area in which space exists? Are we to imagine that space floats about in some sort of absolute void? How many spaces could exist within such a void? And just how would we ever hope to explain quantum mechanics? And if there is no God then just why is all the nonsense of the universe going on at all? As our universe ends are we to believe that it was all for nothing as no evidence would exist of what went on in the probable, billions of advanced civilizations and all the hopes, dreams, labors and history of all things is simply worthless fluff destined to vanish without any traces it ever existed?

Comment Need Two Other Numbers (Score 2) 109

How severe a hail storm can the panels survive? If the panels are well installed how much wind can they tolerate. In my part of Florida we will tend to have a hurricane every four years. 150 mph winds are common with gusts going even higher. Replacing a system every few years might make solar a really bad choice here. Also how much storm wind can windmills take without damage? It is hard to imagine one of the huge, tall windmills being smacked by the type of tornado so common in Oklahoma.

Comment Illegal (Score 1) 160

I assume my state is not alone in banning the recording of voice without a warrant. Even security systems in stores are not allowed to record audio. So if this is being done by a bunch of agencies will that make it legal for the public to record each other? The day voice recording is allowed in businesses the public will learn just how widespread corruption is in business. Everything from sexual harassment to business owners trying to hire a killer to wipe out an enemy will be shockingly commonplace. If we eliminate crime in business there may be nothing left. Often business leaders are not even aware that they are committing serious crimes as what they do has been considered standard practic for centuries such as wage fixing and price fixing arrangements.

Comment Also Condominiums (Score 1) 173

My condo signs contracts that cause every unit to be billed $35. per month regardless of the fact that many owners only spend a few weeks a year in their units. Snowbirds keep condos here for the worst weeks of winter up north as an escape from the cold. That $35 dollars a month gets a cheaper bill for all residents and we can not stop anyone from also getting a dish to access other programming. But most people simply do not want to pay for a dish service and a cable service so the effect is that Comcast gets 100 percent of our business and all other companies account for next to nothing. The posture was taken in order to discourage owners from installing dishes on the property. And it works. Very, very few owners have dishes.

Comment Trade of the Day (Score 1) 65

It is time for a calendar to be kept of each day in which the death of a trade is announced. Today we just heard the death of delivery boys and girls announced. Obviously it will take a few years for these delivery bots to totally replace human delivery workers. But in effect, the handwriting has been written on the wall. Taxi, truck and other drives should already be on that calendar and construction workers as well are about to be phased out. Front of store fast food workers are out and oddly the kitchen help may be gone before the front of store folks vanish.

Comment Another Component (Score 1) 470

Perhaps we should take note of the "blooming population" mentioned as a reason for needing GMO crops. Should we try to accommodate excessive population levels or work towards mandatory levels of reproduction that are safe and sustainable. I find nothing wrong with GMO crops bur I find a whole lot wrong with the notion of population growth being allowed and a lack of restoration of quality to all areas to go in the direction of a vibrant natural environment. At this very moment i live on a huge salt water estuary that is is severe crises due to algae blooms that are toxic destroying not only wildlife but bans all contact with humans on our beaches and waterways. It is caused by agricultural run off and global warming as well as allowing homes to have been built too near the Indian River and its lagoons. Growth is a devastating negative and we here only bullshit about real solutions. In Florida one answer would be to only allow indoor farming such that no run off could ever occur from agriculture. In other words, plainly said, we need very radical changes. We also need to disallow any new housing or residences in many of our counties as well as restricting tourism. These types of solutions can not be accomplished with our current forms of government.

Comment Divert to the Absolute Eslewhere (Score 4, Interesting) 213

Many counties in Florida have no mental health facilities that are capable of treating anyone for anything. We can not even house the homeless or come close to housing the homeless. Pregnant women or women with small children are about the only people who can get housing. Drug treatment facilities are few and far between or are only designed to give a few days of therapy and then out the door for the patients. I am currently sheltering a girl with a broken jaw that the hospital refuses to fix claiming that a broken jaw is not an emergency. She was a victim of a violent attack so severe she was near death, She can not apply for a job effectively as her face is swollen due to inflammation from the broken jaw. So these ideas about prison reform are wonderful but Florida has a right wing lunatic as governor and the idea that they are going to do something to help inmates is off the wall crazy. Currently the Fort Pierce jail does not use air conditioning.They put ten men in a cell and the heat index is over 100 degrees.. That is justified as "punishment". Yet the bulk of those inmates are there awaiting trial and often are found not guilty. But the catch is they can not make bail so they either plead guilty with a plea bargain or wait for a trial for a year or more. That is a way of forcing people who are innocent to plead guilty. Florida beurocracy may be more criminal than the inmates in our jails.

Comment It's All about intent (Score 1) 76

To be guilty of a crime one must intend to commit the crime but also there must be evil implied. A person who hacks into computers or networks with a real intention of doing good has no criminal liability if police and courts support the concept in law of intent. Here is a common type of issue that makes law enforcement next to impossible. There are many sites, such as Craig's List that have sections in which supposed prostitutes solicit business. Yet simply asking for money for sex is usually not what it appears to be. A person may post only to collect names, pics and cell phone numbers and also steer men to certain sites such as supposedly safe sites to insure the trick is not a maniac. Just because they claim to solicit as prostitutes is not at all related to their intentions as many of them have never prostituted themselves ever in their entire lives. This puts modern law enforcement in a real bind. We are at the point at which a girl can offer a man sex fro $200. and actually has no intention of breaking any laws at all. That makes her equal to a female cop who also solicits tricks and then arrests the guy who says yes. Fraud schemes could also make use of such a tactic in that the absurd offer is only made to create a list of greedy gullible people and the list is then sold to other fraud groups with no intention by the first group to ever defraud anyone. Imagine what such tactics can do to keep the courts in totally overwhelmed burdens of pseudo cases.

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