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Comment Built My Own (Score 1) 44

Building an FM transmitter was simple for a 15 year old back in 1960. It was even legal as long as one used a whimp of an antenna which limited the range to about the size of your home. But if you just happened to put a longer antenna on it you could broadcast for miles while using very little electricity. Let us imagine that it was during the Cuban missile crises and that in less than 10 minutes of broadcasting got cars with strange antennas as well as a helicopter landing next to a certain home. We can further imagine that that little FM rig was slapped onto a motorcycle and moved a mile or so and back on the air for about five seconds which was just long enough to confuse the pinpoint triangulation of the broadcast point. That just might have happened in south Florida. i used to enjoy listening to such pirate stations in Brooklyn NY by the way. Today with modern equipment i'll bet a decent FM broadcast radio could be smaller than a pack of smokes and moved every few minutes.

Comment Need Even more (Score 1, Insightful) 111

I think facial recognition systems should be deployed all over every town and city as well as roads. People simply have no need to hide where they are or where they are going. And yes there are stalkers in this world but it would also enable stalkers to be swept up rather easily. I do know that many people really want to hide their actions and activities. The problem is that also allows really bad people to get away with all kinds of crimes.

Comment Imagine The Issues (Score 1) 254

The new technology is wonderful. And some changes are painful. But we still completely fail to deal with consequences of the rapid changes we are seeing. For example we know coal will be shut down. That means that big coal will have no money to repair damaged areas that are unsafe due to pollution. So is anyone doing anything to force big coal to have cash reserves for future clean-ups? Then we have the displaced workers in the coal industry who often live in areas where no other employment options exist. We simply can not abandon those workers and destroy the economy of states like W. Va..

Comment Maybe Opposite (Score 1) 264

Suppose a twenty year old has no cell phone and no computer and never goes online. To a smart law enforcement agency they would take a look at that person. That person is off the bell curve of normal behavior. It could be that the person is severely handicapped or has some rational reason for being out of step with the world but more likely or not they are trying to be invisible. I'll bet all kinds of criminals could be caught by simply examining eccentric ways of life of individuals. How far does it go? Criminals with outstanding warrants or who are under investigation often flee to large cities with good public transportation as they know that a traffic stop is the most common way of coming into contact with law enforcement. A subway or public bus gets you away from scrutiny. Now if you travel long distance by bus you must get a clearance from Homeland Security. They require a credit card and not cash be used to buy a bus ticket and if you buy a ticket for someone else there is a $19. fee added to the price of a ticket. They call it a guest ticket. The feds also demand that hotels along the major highways only accept credit or debit cards. It makes it harder and harder for criminals to exist.

Comment Foolish Notions (Score 1) 93

It is convenient and wards of personal fears to believe that the poor are lazy, have some defect, or behave poorly. But it is a false belief. Mother Teresa spent her life in poverty as did Ghandi, Christ and the Buddha. Many of the best and most worthy people suffer poverty. Ask Mozart! Recently I learned some new ebonics. Getting hemmed was the first term. A hem controls the height of a garment from the ground as well as how far the garment can expand. The trap was the next term. The ghetto is called the trap. Essentially if you are born in the trap you will stay in the trap. Hey, it's only true 95% of the time. The trap is also the area surrounded with cops and in which cops are free to break the law as they know that people who are in the trap can not afford lawyers. So individuals consider themselves as hemmed in the trap. They can only rise off the ground to the regulated degree. They can only expand to the regulated degree. So what happens when people are hemmed in the trap? All too often the city declares the trap a blighted area, pushes the people out, with no place to go and levels the trap. Think of it like it was 150 years ago and the Indian Reservation became an issue for white folks. Boom ! No more reservation, treaties be damned.

Comment Re: A wasted vote... (Score 1) 993

The urgent need is to stop Trump. The best choice is the choice that stops Trump. I am not certain we could survive as a nation with Trump in office. The man is a nut. People are being overly polite. No one wants to come down on a person because they have a mental illness or defect and therefore people tip toe around the problem. Trump needs serious mental heath care and maybe should be in some sort of rehab facility. His excessive ego is a glaring warning of his mental condition.

Comment Rabid Dogs and the Law (Score 1) 236

The right wing is dangerous. And ordinary, well intended laws can be dangerous as well. That is because the right wing treats laws like a rubber band that can be stretched to enormous sizes and intrude into things the laws were never intended to touch. For example by bringing this to light the right wing is promoting Snowden and reaping the financial benefit of re-election . There fore they are benefiting by the supposed crimes and the right wing should be arrested.

Comment Phone Sales (Score 3, Interesting) 38

These people are counting on exactly what telephone scam artists counted on for decades. First no phone calls were ever made within your own state. That kept local law enforcement out of the loop. Further, the cop shops took bribes and it was explained to them that a lot of money would be in the town as the workers were well paid. The effect was that state and local laws enforcement only touched about 1% of the phone rooms no matter how crooked they were and they were and they were all crooked, although the employees often could not see how corrupt their employers were. So how about federal cops making arrests? Last year the DOJ prosecuted 13 companies for phone sales fraud. they went after only companies in which huge fines could be assessed. I will bet that at least 30,000 phone sales outfits exist in Florida alone. The message that phone sales people get is that it is open season on the public. Here is another gimmick : The sales man makes the call and gets a yes from the target. Then he tells you to hang on as he transfers you to the verification department so your package gets out to you as soon as possible. When he transfers you it is to another state entirely. So if you manage to file an expensive law suit and drag them into court you will suddenly discover that the sale took place in another place in which the verification department took your charge card number . that means you will have to start the suit over gain in another state and by the time it comes to trial most sales will not allow the case to be heard. I even saw this in a gas station accident. The victim sued the gas station as the mechanic ran over them while working on a car. When it finally got to court the gas station owner remarked he did not know why he was being sued as the repair bay was another company entirely. the time tolled before the victim could get back into the court system.

Comment Yes, Then, But (Score 1) 264

Yes the US has far too many people in jails and prisons and it is largely race based. Then, what must we do about it? But the problem rests in what really are the worst crimes. Every now and then we catch some lunatic who is a serial killer who has taken several lives. But a drug seller can take far more lives than the lunatic with that big, bad life. Ad not only that, casual drug users, by being an example encourage others to use illegal drugs. For example we have Prince, who will be considered a role model by many young people and they will think that if Prince used dope it must be a first rate way to live and behave. So who should rot in a prison for life? I'll bet that Prince's use of drugs will cost more people their lives than any serial killer in American history. And Prince was only a drug user. Considering how few people truly recover from drug addictions maybe we should consider life without hope of parole for any use of any illegal drugs, even on the first offense. I know it sounds crazy to post that but drugs are destroying lives by the millions.

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