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Comment Re: Conventional warfare is dead (Score 1) 192

I have noticed the same circumstance in the building of shopping plazas. It seems to be almost a certainty that the original owners will fail. The second owners will have a real battle and will probably fail. The third owners get a discount as the plaza is no longer spanking new and there are some solid renters in the stores and then a long term, profitable business is at hand. One has to be either very brave or very foolish to be the first owner of a shopping plaza.

Comment Re:False Idol. (Score 1) 284

Responsibility is a flawed concept. Only a person who can make a meaningful response can respond to anything. For example picture an old fashioned sailing ship heading for a fatal crash due to a bad captain. The crew can do nothing as any disobedience will get them hung from a yard arm. The people that hired the captain are not available as they are on land and can not observe the issue first hand. It all comes down to one and only one person being responsible and it is the ship's captain. The two hundred sailors do not share the blame. In common life, there are many people who for various reasons can not respond to situations with proper behaviors. Even the law admits some truth in this when it says that a person must be competent to aid in their own defense as well as being aware that what they did was wrong at the time of the offense. In business and in life most people around you are not competent and probably can never achieve any real degree of competency. They did not ask to be in that condition and in fact since you are competent you have the obligation to care for them.

Comment Better Motives (Score 1) 284

One possibility is that some sort of god-like creature, or creatures, use a matrix like situations to test systems and find potential flaws or benefits. Another possibility is that humanity exists as a potential AI life force generator. We have seven billion people on the planet. Suppose each person has a computer running a matrix of its own design, complete with things like entirely altered laws of physics, chemistry or even mathematics. After these universes ran for a period of time some would be found to be superior to others. If we can create a matrix better than the one we now live in our true purpose may be at an end. Perhaps we could transfer to the new and better matrix or perhaps that big hand in the sky just hits the off switch on our universe.

Comment A National Hero (Score 2) 387

In a free society, the people need access to all government activities. If our military status can be threatened by an enemy learning secrets then our military is inferior. Hand the enemy our blueprints and procedures and find out how many years it would take them to actually be able to produce a military product. By the time they can actually do it we should already have a new, superior technology in place. High technology weapons and modes of combat are beyond the ability of other nations to afford or to manufacture.

Comment Cracked By Current Methods (Score 1) 305

At this point some of the modern language cracking tools just might make it possible to converse with the dolphins. If the animals really are as intelligent as suspected they might have things like a religion or numerous abilities that we do not expect to find. Do they have any form of mathematics that might be useful to humans? Just what advantage does their intelligence provide for them? Can whales understand dolphins? What are the goals of a pod of dolphins? The real mysteries may be quite shocking to us.

Comment Better Programs (Score 5, Interesting) 630

It certainly would help to provide a basic income as long as people are free to work and earn extra money without loss of that basic income. There are a couple of difficulties as those that work in low paying jobs will resent people earning about what they earn without working. In the US there is a larger issue. We need the public to be able to spend money on more than just the bare basics of life. Businesses need buyers. The US now has way too many people who have to stretch every penny. That excludes them as buyers for numerous products and services. As employment becomes more and more an unusual thing due to technology replacing human labor, more and more people are excluded from the buyer pool. That means less employment and less taxes and more public expenses dealing with the displaced etc.. The one and only thing that can hope to work is to provide an income that not only covers all the basics but also leaves money left over to spend on things that are not basic needs. If we do not do this we will surely face a total economic collapse and a loss of our nation. It is also obvious that we will have to price control some items such as medical care and medications or no amount of income will help to bail us all out of the impending collapse.

Comment NONSENSE SUIT (Score 1) 197

Enemies tend to use almost anything they can find against you. The notion that one could sue Twitter is half witted nonsense. A 40 year old, land line telephone could also aid terrorists. Cell phones must be a dandy for terrorists and GPS obviously can aid bad people as well. Any drunk can use an automobile to commit a mass murder. The idea that the selling of a device or service that may, at times, be misused by bad people should not make a company liable. If my neighbor decides to commit suicide with a pistol should I be allowed to file a suit for proximity, traumatic stress syndrome, because i saw his brains on my lawn?

Comment Banks Beg To Be Robbed (Score 1) 30

If banks wanted security the first thing that should be allowed is long or complex passwords. Yet many banks have severe restrictions on what characters can be used in passwords as well as insisting upon short passwords. So just why would financial institutions not have software that allowed characters as well as long passwords to be used? Imagine trying to crack }}}}}}}philandbillwentupthehill4444times.

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