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Comment And, So What ? (Score 1) 259

Any medical care for people of child rearing age changes the evolutionary path. That kid that was saved by having his appendix removed at the age of 8 probably had a genetic flaw that allowed a weak appendix. That high school football player with a broken hip either did not have enough sense of self preservation or perhaps weak hip joints and those tendencies can be passed on in the gene pool. As simply stated almost any medical procedure, or even sanitation and inoculation all have an effect of weakening the species by allowing those with negative tendencies to survive.

Comment Well, sort of, maybe (Score 1) 68

Sure we have binary circuits in the brain but logic is another issue completely. Humans will have all kinds of things going on that do not relate to the task or subject at hand. For example, looking good, retaining a posture of self, or showing that you can act up at times, may take precedence over accomplishing the goal at hand. Logic is not really a human characteristic.

Comment Boomerang (Score 1) 359

Just about every word that falls out of Trump's vile mouth is fake news. How about the news when he said he would release his tax returns as soon as the audit was done? And just why can he not release his tax returns from past years that are not under audit? One reason is that if we can see his tax returns we may see illegal profits being given him by foreign powers. So let's apply those fake news stories to Trump and his ilk.

Comment Not Enough (Score 1) 147

France and Germany are removing all fossil fuel not just coal. Canada needs a deeper commitment as does the US. We also need to be planting tens of millions of trees and bamboo as well. Conditions in California are so bad that we will probably have to find unusual methods to irrigate forests in California, as they are rapidly losing all of their forests. But let's all chant together. There is no global warming ! After all Frankentrump has declared it so. Or is it Trumpenstein?

Comment Trumpenstein (Score 1) 313

Salute the idiot in chief who does deny that global warming and rising seas are an issue at all. America is under attack by an total freak. Frankenzilla is on the attack. Vlad Trumpula is sucking the life blood out of the world. Fight back while you can or the fool will kill us all with his secret weapon (total idiocy).

Comment My Old Rant (Score 1) 41

I ranted a couple of years back that individual businesses should set up open WIFI bases to get public appreciation and build a customer base. As far as i know my thoughts were completely ignored. I will admit that Microsoft knows how to make money and they have now taken the idea quite a bit further. For example my home is only 1,000 feet from US Hwy 1, Sure at least 100K cars pass near by during the day as well as all the people living near by. An out like Home Depot which is on US 1 here would have huge advantage and could have a Home Depot ad displayed whenever someone uses their WIFI channels.

Comment Re:What Hollande says (Score 1) 328

Sure, we have a great way to deal with coal waste. We use human lungs to capture the soot. That also helps us reduce our population with the unusal numbers of cancers and heart diseases caused by burning coal. Then we truck coal ash into the countryside and toss it in pits causing water pollution that also helps end those pesky human lives.

Comment Re:futurist (Score 2) 522

I am not so certain that humanity can survive warming and rising seas. For example we have numerous nuclear reactors located on beaches that simply can not be plowed down and cleaned up. The nuclear contamination alone might exterminate the seas. Then we have the sad fact that many coastal cities have environmental hazards that can not be removed or mediated in any way. Even the stunning number of human graves would pose a disaster for our oceans. I would imagine that Miami Fl. has several million graves alone. Miami is very prone to flooding. Further because our insurance companies and banks are economically tied together as property is lost the value of the mortgages is lost as well and that will take down the entire banking system. We already have huge crop issues due to flooding, drought, fire storms, wind storms and more that is disrupting quite a bit of agriculture and horticulture. Food could become excessively expensive. The list goes on. Other species are rapidly vanishing. Humans will probably be just another vanished, animal species.

Comment Wrong Way To Go (Score 1) 805

That racial nonsense needs to be in the trash can. If anything we should be seeking out the best students in Asian Universities and paying them to immigrate into the US. Those guys can be remarkable scholars as can scholars from Pakistan and India. Bright people are our future and we need to get as many as we possibly can just to survive in this troubled world.

Comment Big Issue (Score 1) 432

The US has a strong partnership with england and this canon nonsense will effectively prevent the Royal Navy from being of meaningful aid if a serious war breaks out. The very reason that the British Navy has not had to use missiles may very well be that other nations knew that British war ships carried missiles. I'm certain that the US would prefer that England fields a very, very strong Navy.

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