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Comment Streets Designed ? (Score 1) 136

In many cities not only are the streets not designed but everything about the city seems as if no intelligence at all was every applied to designing much of anything. What we really see in cities is an elderly quagmire to which additions upon additions are heaped into the web creating an ever worse situation. Whether it is a tiny box of candy or a huge new sofa it is overwhelmingly obvious that one would need space for deliveries to be accommodated even when a horse drawn wagon arrived with that sofa. The sins of local planners will be visited upon their children even for ten or more generations. So for apartment houses let drones deliver to the roofs or courtyards and for homes let a flag pole like platform be built that has a feature for lowering the received package down to ground level. But really, the major answer is to destruct our older cities, lay out new plans and start over. Just imagine how many new jobs we could create if we leveled Brooklyn and redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up, and how much more sane the place could be. Then there is Chicago or Baltimore or any number of places just begging to be plowed down and redone.

Comment The Idiot and Chief (Score 1, Troll) 149

The lying bag of fat we call Trump is an outrage. We need far more protection of the rivers and oceans than we have ever had before. We need to totally get rid of coal and we need to reduce the use of oil and gasoline as well. Climate change is behind quite a few of the wars in the Arab regions and we are already paying a dreadful price for past and current pollution. What we do not need is a sleeze bag trying to destroy conservation efforts.

Comment Old World Vs. New (Score 1) 387

Nothing breeds poor work or lack of loyalty more than cheap wage increases. A smart company will keep its critical workers during hard times even if that means they simply read books or even watch TV for months at a time because when you need them you will really need them and find them shockingly hard to replace. If you have a group of 30 workers you will find that two or three really carry the load.

Comment A Long Shot (Score 1) 304

From the top does there exist hard evidence that only certain types of people, or races or age groups will be hired or is that simply an assumption? If I outsource blue jeans to a company in Burma am I under legal compulsion to be certain that they do not race or age discriminate? Is age or race discrimination legal in Burma? Can these employees find enough money to pay for that expensive and probably long lasting law suit? Is the outsourcing to a foreign corporation or an extension of the university. I would not want my money squandered in such a pursuit.

Comment Reasonable Thought (Score 1) 236

As long as there have been creatures that we would call human they surely showed up all over the world rather quickly. Whether it is a deliberate migration, a sort of automatic migration while looking for more food, or people trying to keep from drowning by hanging on to a floating log, people simply spread out and tend to get everywhere. I do wonder how many times a migration turned out to be stopping in a more miserable place than the place from which they started.

Comment Finally A Man With Vision (Score 1) 287

At least he sees the freight train coming straight down the tracks at us. However the suffering part can be highly moderated. If we prepare with the mental and legal and political chaos in advance there should be little suffering and a great deal of joy. It requires a new mind set for us. Obviously social systems will have to support those put out of work. There is zero choice in that. so we have to teach people that their turn to be unemployed is coming and they are waiting in line for their turn. That is in order to prevent resentment of those who are first receiving government pay checks. Sales taxes and business taxes will have to be raised to a point at which all are well supported. That means that we must divorce self worth from earning abilities and that will require quite an educational effort. Right now we see a type of hypnoses of young males with automobiles being at the very front of their desires, even though those desires are probably in opposition to their best interests. More adult types of people may suffer a similar hypnosis over employment or earning status. Refocusing their emotions will be quite a task.

Comment Classic Power grab (Score 1) 106

Hotel owners form an organization and act as if they are some sort of authority, gaining political power and maybe some supported legislation. Palms are greased. So now a new thing comes along and the pseudo established authority tries to hold them down. So now the answer is to disestablish any hint of authority or legitimacy of hotel industry associations. This is like the war against Tesla. Auto dealerships join in lock step to crush Tesla as Tesla simply has no need at all to establish dealerships. They have designed their vehicles to be repairable by any garage thus no need for dealers and they market their cars without any need for dealerships as well. The simple truth is that any car manufacturer could also design their vehicles with programs that would eliminate the need for dealerships but the corrupt systems tend to stay in place as people almost always resist change.

Comment Really Bad Title (Score 1) 288

Higher state no, different state yes ! Yes chemicals can cause all kinds of brain activity. To suggest that they are higher is foolish. A man who drops acid and jumps out an eighth story window thing he is a sea gull and can fly is not in a higher state of consciousness. He is in a scrambled state full of nonsense and error.

Comment Maybe Not ! (Score 1) 263

In order to matter the degree to which an idea is put to use must be considered. The fabulous idea of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" may be super important but it certainly has not been widely accepted or implemented. Just as we have very ignorant and greedy forces trying to keep things the same or turn back the clock to another era the French had a mater class that resisted like crazy the idea of liberty, equality and fraternity. The way the idea grew a bit was by slaughtering the ruling class. England and the US were similar. For out ancestors getting out of Europe was not all that far from the 1970 era when people tuned in, turned on and dropped out. How did one drop out of Ireland, Italy, Germany or Hungary? It was simple that ran for the New World.

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