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Comment iPad mini is a great travel computer (Score 1) 307

The mini is great for checking email, keeping up with the news, researching nearby attractions, restaurants, making reservations. Ultra-portable and not so valuable that one gets overly stressed out about losing it. Plus it is great for running a sound board while walking around the stage! I also find that the mini is comfortable to read from for long periods, and nice to hand around to people to show off a discovered web page without worrying they'll accidentally drop it.

Comment Re:Land of the free (Score 1) 214

"To thine own self be true". If, for example only, you were to say nasty things about a friend of yours to someone else, and that friend never found out, wouldn't you still be a bad person for doing so? The logic is identical, except that the "friend" is a horse. Or a rock, I suppose. I'd give you a pass on gossiping about a rock. Plus, horses are shiny.

Submission + - AT&T reception so bad it makes landlines look appealing (

colinneagle writes: The Center for Disease Control issued some preliminary results from its National Health Interview Survey for 2012, which found that 35.8% of American households no longer have any sort of hardwired telephone in their houses. They are exclusively wireless. Another 15% said they received "all or almost all calls on wireless telephones" despite also having a landline telephone.

Every now and then, we find our technological preferences going backwards. This happens either when the old technology had its pluses we forgot about or the new has serious deficiencies. Look at the resurrection of vinyl records lately. It's happened because digital music sounds like garbage, and audiophiles have noted for some time that vinyl sounds much more natural.

I'm feeling the same way about my phone. Never once did someone tell me they could barely hear me on a land line. No calls were dropped. I didn't lose signal. Nor did I suffer for using a land line.

In the end, it's about productivity. If I get one more call saying "Wow, I can barely hear you," or drop a call mid-question, that may be my signal to call AT&T for a land line and go retro. At least I'll be able to do my job.


Submission + - Dangerous Remote Linksys 0-Day Root Exploit (

Orome1 writes: "DefenseCode researchers have uncovered a remote root access vulnerability in the default installation of Linksys routers. They contacted Cisco and shared a detailed vulnerability description along with the PoC exploit for the vulnerability. Cisco claimed that the vulnerability was already fixed in the latest firmware release, which turned out the be incorrect. The latest Linksys firmware (4.30.14) and all previous versions are still vulnerable."

Submission + - The reason we lose at games (

JacobAlexander writes: Writing in PNAS, a University of Manchester physicist has discovered that some games are simply impossible to fully learn, or too complex for the human mind to understand. Dr Tobias Galla from The University of Manchester and Professor Doyne Farmer from Oxford University and the Santa Fe Institute, ran thousands of simulations of two-player games to see how human behaviour affects their decision-making.

Submission + - Touchscreen Laptops, Whether You Like Them Or Not (

An anonymous reader writes: With CES all wrapped up, an article at CNET discusses a definite trend in the laptops on display from various manufacturers this year: touchscreens. Intel and Microsoft are leading the way, and attempting to grab the industry's reins as well: 'just to make sure the touch message was crystal clear, Intel issued an edict to PC partners during its CES keynote: all next-generation ultrabooks based on its "Haswell" chip must be touch.' With tablets and detachable/convertible computers computers coming into the mainstream, it seems the manufacturers have something to gain by condensing their production options. The article says, 'What does that mean to consumers? Your next laptop will likely be touch, whether you like it or not.'

Comment Prime Example: "Meeting A Troll..." (Score 1) 341


Two days later I opened my front door and there was a bunch of dead flowers with my wife's old Twitter username on it. Then that night I recieved a DM. 'You'll get home some day & ur b**ches throat will be cut & ur son will be gone.'


I put my hand on his shoulder and asked him "Why?" The Troll sat there for a moment and said "I don't know. I don't know. I'm sorry. It was like a game thing."

Comment The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (Score 3, Insightful) 726

This was got me hooked back in the day (plus the Heinlein juves): Part of "The Mushroom Planet Books". These are easy to follow without being condescending. And anyone who isn't captivated by the idea that youngsters could build their own functional rocket ship isn't awake.

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