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Comment Re:rel="nofollow" - current status (Score 1) 275

There was an extensive discussion and vote about this. The view that prevailed (by 85 to 55 in the official vote tabulation) was that the attribute wouldn't be all that effective at stopping spam, that we could clean the spam links in the normal editing process, and that we could help out the good sites we referenced by boosting their Google ranking.

I was in the minority. I hope that some version of the attribute will be restored in the future. The comment on the vote says, 'More advanced heuristic use of rel="nofollow" is likely to come, when someone has the time to put in the effort to make it work.' Maybe someone reading this has the skills to help out.

In the meantime, if you see spam in a Wikipedia article, feel free to fix it. The "Edit this page" link is at the top, and the bottom, and the left margin. Be bold!

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