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Comment Re:America! (Score 3, Interesting) 726

should I pay a living wage to the kid down he block to mow my lawn or rake leaves...or baby site my kid

You have a choice. You can pay a living wage or you can pay for the social safety net that subsidizes those jobs that pay less than a living wage. If a job does not pay enough for the workers to support themselves then that job is being subsidized in some manner. (How do I know: because the worker is alive.) You can pay the wage or pay the subsidy, but you will pay.

Comment Re:NTP (Score 1) 171

That's why the calls spike around the time change - because people aren't entirely sure anymore.

I think it's because that's when they reset all of their unconnected clocks (oven, microwave, wristwatch). You might as well set them accurately twice a year.

Comment Re:entropy (Score 1) 637

If you're setting password policy tell users to use 5 truly random words. (flip through the dictionary with their eyes closed or use a random word generator)

A random word generator is good (but you have to use the words it gives you, no do overs), but flipping through a dictionary won't give you truly random words, they will pick words that are easy, that go together, and that are in alphabetical order. And that's assuming they don't cheat by flipping through nearby pages after they select a page. If you require that they close the dictionary after each word their selections will be clustered near the center of the dictionary rather than random.

People are bad at random

Comment Re:Ignoring HBN (Human Basic Nature) (Score 1) 1116

Do you really believe that people are going to quit their minimum wage (~$16,000/year) janitorial jobs so they can try to live on ~$10,000/year when they could keep their job (at a slightly lower wage because minimum wage would go away) and live on ~$20,000/year? [Note that in this scenario the employer saves ~$6,000 on wages as well.]

Comment Re:Keep in mind (Score 2) 204

Of course bribes can be defined. A bribe is a payment to a functionary to encourage them to do their job in a way that is favorable to you. (See TIP). This is distinct from licensing fees, etc, in that the bribe is paid to an individual as an individual while a fee is paid to a company or government division. In addition, bribes are ad hoc while fees are contractual or defined by law.

Comment Re: who'd have thunk? (Score 1) 402

That seems a naive comment. How are they supposed to execute your command without recording it? It's not like the computer can process the voice in real time directly from the microphone input. It has to record the command, possibly clean out background noise, split it into component sounds and then compare those sounds to known commands and try to make words out of it. The problem isn't the recording, it's the sending of that recording to the cloud.


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