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Comment Pretty nice for an overnight stay (Score 2, Interesting) 269

I stayed in a couple of capsule hotels during my trip to Japan in 2006. The good ones, such as one I can't remember the name of in Hakata, were great spa-like experiences which were still rather cheap. The worst one was actually in Shinjuku in Tokyo, where the capsules were badly ventilated and the in-hotel restaurant gave me food poisoning (cow-stomach ramen did not go down well in my own stomach, apparently).

Submission + - Serious flash bug in Linux and OSX now 1 year old

JickL writes: "A crippling bug in Adobe Flash, rendering input of international characters in text input fields broken, has been left unsolved for over a year. Almost no response from Adobe so far, and the bug has been reported in OS X too. Users are reporting their companies giving up on the Flex development platform due to this issue, yet still no reply, A good example of the shortcomings of closed source bug hunting?"

Comment Re:Linux, Macs, and Windows PCs (Score 1) 1147

... and my 20 month old Macbook Pro was delivered with a faulty hinge (they replaced the whole screen with one that has a stuck pixel and very uneven backlighting), has a failing graphics card (though that's mostly Nvidia's fault I guess), beeping noises from the headphone port, and a lousy trackpad button. Oh and a month or so ago the keyboard and trackpad suddenly died on me, the "fix" was to wedge some folded up napkinds between the battery and some trackpad cables. AND ONE LAST THING, the used iBook G4 I bought just before the MBP developed a glitchy logic board, and is now resigned to server duty at home, as any flexing of the case will freeze it up. All this combined with the strides desktop Linux has been making since I bought this thing has made me decide to sell it and get a Lenovo or something instead. I never use iWork or iLife anyway, so good riddance...

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 781

Boot up and Shutdown times are equally irrelevant. I shut the PCs down on weekends. Am I going to notice or care that it takes a few more seconds for a machine to boot up or shut down.

At times I am astounded how hard it seems to be to add a disclaimer such as "In my opinion" or "I think" to statements like these.

In my opinion, using Linux-based OS:es mainly on an EeePC, which drains the batteries pretty quickly in sleep and is used daily in school, where I might need to haul it out of the bag and use it quickly, OS boot time is very important. (I also happen to have a stationary computer with a glitchy powersupply that turns power right on again after a soft stop, such as after a hibernate. Quick bootups are nice there too).

Oh and thanks for helping out the environment by keeping your PC turned on all week.

Comment Re:A bit too heavy IMHO... (Score 1) 318

Huh? To clarify; If they can put a huge battery like this in a "cheap" laptop where the primary concerns are (or at least should be) size and weight and where we already have pretty good battery life, why aren't there more cheap but heavy 15-inch notebooks with batteries like these as standard? Usually you won't get more than 2 hours of effective battery life from those, in my experience.

The extra weight of the battery wouldn't make as much difference on a larger machine.

Comment Re:A bit too heavy IMHO... (Score 1) 318

I really don't give a shit about weight. All I want is a browser, a real, full-sized keyboard, (none of that function nonsense) and a reasonably sized display. Also a bash shell, but that goes without saying. I want this for around $200, and I want it to last me at least 3 years. I don't need power, I don't need it to be lightweight, I don't even need it to work for more than an hour without a cord. These things are nice, but I'm just looking for something that's reliable, ergonomic, and cheap.

Ok! Now I know what to get you for christmas.

Comment A bit too heavy IMHO... (Score 5, Insightful) 318

1.45 kg is just slightly too much in my opinion. I love my 701 weighing in at just over 900 grams, I'd prefer a model weighing 1.3 kg or less. But that's just me! Also why aren't we seeing huge batteries like these in the cheap 15-inch laptops that would really need them? This pretty much proves that it can't be the cost that's prohibitive.

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