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Comment Re:Get another party into congress (Score 1) 477

You're correct, its not about the 2 party system. the problem, is human nature. Deep down, we're all greedy and self serving, and this shows in our actions, even sub-consciously, very few humans can escape this pitfall, and they often go on to greatness when they do.

That still leaves us with the problem of 'normal' humans being left to run the day to day stuff, when we are given ample opportunities to cheat the system, and make a buck doing so. What needs to happen, is the system needs to change to account for this.

Step one: ALL government salaries get capped at the average american income, if the average american makes 32,000 a year, so does the president, chiefs of staff, and all military salaries. you want to make more money? improve the fucking country. All forms of additional payment in any method (Bonuses etc) are banned. because of the lose of life that can happen when this rule would get subverted, punishment is mandatory life sentence without parole.

Step two: Ban ALL form of campaign contribution, and campaigning. you are allowed to distribute a one page letter to the American public detailing your political stances on various issue, you are NOT allowed to include anything do to with race or religion, doing so earns you the same punishment as rule 1.

Step three: You vote for war, you GO to war, ever politician who votes "Yes" on a bill to declare war that is passed gets drafted into the infantry where they will not be allowed to leave until they have earned their action badge.

Step four: ?????

Step five: NO Profit, and thats the fucking point.

Does this go into the extremes? A little bit, but look around you guys, they are already taking it to the extreme. They can now kidnap an american citizen from his bed at night, ship him off to a git-mo clone for the rest of his life. yeah, that doesn't sound like the Nazi Germany SS or anything.. no, its completely different.

Comment Re:TCO (Score 1, Informative) 561

Actually, we (Im Canadian) pulled out because our federal government doesn't have alot of control over the provincial governments. The federal liberal government signed the agreement when they should not have, because the Albert provincial government flat out told the feds to go fuck themselves and they're not following the treaty, for Canada to then follow the treaty as a whole, we would have had to cut carbon emissions from Quebec and Ontario to the point that it wasn't economically viable, in order to make up for Alberta's refusal to follow the accord.

That is literally the only reason we HAD to pull out.


Comment Re:PC analogy (Score 1) 278

And that's a perfectly valid way of looking at things, I just don't agree with it.

"But it does remove them from that game. Good enough for me."

Its not good enough for me, I want them, and any like them removed from the service, and that's fundamentally where we disagree I think, you want just enough punishment to remove the symptom, I want to permanently remove the cause. At least that is how I see it, you probably see it very differently which is one of the great things about humans, if there's a possible viewpoint, no matter how outside the norm, someone on the planet has it.

Comment Re:PC analogy (Score 1) 278

Its called a deterrent. However I don't think we will never see eye to eye on this, I can tell from your statement of confusion of my standpoint, which is fine, we're allowed to disagree.

But to give an example of another deterrent when the act doesn't match up with anything to do with the 'rights' taken away. Why do most nations not allow criminals to vote? Because the ability to vote used to be such a big deal, that taking it away was a great deterrent.

And to touch on your comment about moderating at the server level, again, its all about deterrents. People have a way of, well, being complete assholes when they've convinced themselves that they no longer care about something, so I would rather see a system that bans the whole bloody console, against all games and services. future and present when you break the rules. So you don't have little Jimmy who thinks to himself, "I don't give a rats ass if I get caught cheating and banned from Black Ops, BF3 is out next week"

"Well little Jimmy, you're a complete asshole for thinking that way, your parents failed you, and we don't want you on our network"
Because of that scenario, I feel that moderating at the server level is pointless. If people only cheat in the games they dont care about(more often this is the case, they're just being 'trolls'), banning them from those games doesn't carry any weight, kind of like fining a Buddhist monk, even if hes got the money, he would give it away for the asking, he doesn't care about the money, therefore taking it away is not a punishment.
Also, I'm not American, I don't live in a constant state of terrorism/pedophilia hysteria.

Comment Re:PC analogy (Score 1) 278

Again, like I said in the previous post, its all about discouraging the installation of custom firmware, nothing more, nothing less.

You think that someone should be able to use customized firmware, while retaining partial connectivity to the manufacturers support network, I think that as soon as you modify the device, you should forfeit any and all support of the product, and access of the network.

You get to be a tinkerer, or a consumer, you don't get both. (My Opinion)

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