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Comment More Lies - More BS (Score 1) 189

John Smedley: There are long threads that I've started myself on our forums... /smedlylies.jpg/ You disgust me, Smedly. You are no Star Wars fan. ("Jedis." "What is a pikeman, and why is it in SWG?") Have you EVER watched the movies?

You don't know what players want. I do not know a single player that ever said "i think there are too many confusing professions." I defy you to EVER find such an example. These changes have little to do with the what the player wants. They are because you didn't make the TIME to work on the bugs in the game, because you neglected to build on a foundation that you were not worthy of. Because the devs and programmers didn't think things through, glaring bugs and huge windows for griefing were allowed into the live servers time and again. You did not listen to your beta testers. Not in beta, not at the cu, and certainly not at the nge.

How is 9 professions more "unique" than 34 various ones we could mix and match to suit our styles and whims? There is nothing mroe unique in this system. This game, when it debuted in 2003, was a beautiful wonderful innovative thing. The fact that it has decomposed into it's current state rests solely on the shoulders of soe/la. We as a playerbase would have done ANYTHING to help this game succeed. It is Star Wars, man. It is EPIC. How can you fail at making a successful Star Wars game!?

The amount of content you could have made with the resources available (comics, movies, eu, novels, mini movies) is mind boggling. This game had so much potential. It was so exciting and wonderful and new. You squandered it all. This game is now a mockery of it's once innovative and expansive self. You should be ashamed.

How dare you say that this new nge is how the game should have been, Smedly. How do you have the NERVE to come here and blatantly lie. I have supported three accounts in SWG. I have been a loyal customer, I have loved it so so much. I have devoted countless hours and hundreds of dollars to this game, because it was different - because it was Star Wars - because I always had the hope it would be better. But it never got better. It just kept getting worse. This is, to me, a tragedy. How you can say these things with a straight face, is beyond me - oh wait it, isn't. I guess you will be getting more money this way, at least in the short term. But if you think the console gamers will support 3 accounts for 2+ years like I and other vets have, you are sadly mistaken. It is too bad that I am not ICONIC enough for you. And hey, whatever happened to "Experience the greatest Star Wars Saga ever told: YOUR OWN!

This new nge is so bug ridden and unattractive, it is shocking to me that you could label it as ready for live. By the devs own admission, the quests past lvl 30 are not completed. The UI is not completed. The art for several screens is not completed. How can you release this mess to your paying customers?

- The targeting system: it is SO fundamentally flawed I cannot even begine to wrap my mind around it. Who ever thought that it was a good idea for you to target every single thing you moused over was insane. For pvp, all you need to do is toss in a bunch of coverts and hey, no one can fight. The targeting makes the nalargon and omnibox nearly unplayable (but hey i guess you dont care about those pesky entertainers.) It is immediately obvious to me how this system can be exploited and used as a tool for grieving, and just plain annoying in day to day actions.

- The movement. Uhm yeah - I'm not here to play an fps. I don't use fps style of movement in my gaming. There has always been the option to have whatever ui style you wanted and 6 or so different default maps to chose from. That was wonderful. a customizable UI and control system is friendly and comfortable. This new system is anything but.

- Again, with the fps thing. Last time i checked there are dozens of not hundreds of fps games available in ever store across the US. There are already plenty of online fps's to choose from - including Star Wars ones! If i DID want to play an fps, I'd be playing one that was good. Not this sorry excuse for an fpsmmo. Can your hardware even support that syle of play in large scale battles? I would think not. Hopefully you upgrade it, but that's been needed for years and as far as i can tell there is yet to be an improvement.

- Bio engineers, creature handelers, teräs käsi artists. Swordsmen, rangers, pikemen, fencers. Hybrids, crafters, crafter hybrids, entertainer hybrids, they all have one thing in common. Do you know what that is? THEY'RE SCREWED!

I could go on for hours more. I am sure I made many typos, but frankly I am so livid mad at you I do not give a damn. I say again, this is a mockery and we are the mocked. I am played for a fool by SOE/LA for the last time. this is what you can see from em from now on - nothing. As much as I love Star Wars and the community we once had (now torn asunder by YOU) I cannot give you my money in good conscience any longer. You are rid of your so called "vocal minority" Mr. Smedly, which on ahazi from the FORUMS alone is vocal to the tune of 5000 dollars PER MONTH at LEAST. /ridofme.jpg/

Good Bye to SWG is the hardest thing I have had to do in a very long time. But you Smedly - you make it easier every day.

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