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Comment Re: Does AMD still matter? (Score 1) 142

Of course it matters. For instance, I've been using AMD chips in all my computing devices since like 2005 after just horrible experience with my first Celeron (single-core, 2.0 GHz). AMD has proven to me over the time that they can make competitive CPUs (heck even GPUs, I got Radeon instead of nVidia too) and ask far less money for it than Intel would. And that's what counts for me cause thing like lifespan or power efficiency I can't really measure by myself.

Comment Is that even relevant? (Score 1) 130

As I've already heard that mouse's brain chemistry is close to ours, is there really much correlation in offspring genesis too?

I may be too skeptical, but I would remain calm even if I was trying to get my lady pregnant and eating junk-food.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 628

Then you are using it wrong. I haven't seen Metro for weeks. I boot to desktop, I have normal start button and everything else works like in Win 7. Except it does few more things. it changes the cursor when topmost on the screen, shows additional toolbar on right, but hey: no one is forcing you to click in it when it shows and it doesn't get in the way with neither closing button or start bar icons and can even be turned off. So, investigate on how to use your OS. It is your tool. You are not it's toy. :)

Submission + - Adobe Flash Player installer deletes itself (

Jezisheck writes: "I've recently discovered weird behavior of the Flash Player installer from Adobe's site (for Windows). Not only that every time you run it, it sets the update setting to the option that allows Adobe to install updates without asking you, even if you continuously select otherwise, but it also deletes the binary from which it was run! This happens immediately after it's run. So if installation fails for some reason (i.e. the player is in use at the moment) then you have to go and download it again or you have to replicate the installer before running it. As I understand that most users don't need the installer binary when installation is complete, either way, I want to be the master of my OS and I want to delete files on it when I want and the way I want! And also: I believe that even the most retarded PC user knows how to delete a file by himself. Is Adobe looking at users as a bunch of incompetent idiots which they must take care of?"

Comment Re:Hard-core user? (Score 1) 807

Try to be assertive a bit. :) FF 3.6 has been sticking i.e. with Ubuntu. The concept of Linux is using stable, time-proven software. When you want to guarantee stable browser for the whole environment (i.e. on university or in company), you will stick with something you know that works fine. You won't be looking forward for quick-and-in-hurry-developed new versions. Especially when they come with no visible enhancements or new features – then you start worrying about bugs introduced into the program with update. Personally I don't have reasons to delay upgrade much (except for incompatible addons), but if I should make a decision for a whole bunch of computers, I would stick with 3.6 too. ;)

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