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Comment Re:But Dissent is Now HATE (Score 1) 292

Yet when the haters on the right does the exact same thing. It is okay?

Let's put it this way when Obama was putting out Obamacare did he threaten every single democrat who voted no? That is what Trump just did to republiacans. He threatened their jobs, he threatened their families if they didn't do what he told them to do.

Now which side is dangerous, which side is vengeful? It isn't that Lettie terrorists don't exist but it is significantly smaller than rightie terrorists.

Also remember every single Islamic terrorists is a conservative. They are all right wing. They all want theirs at over science. Now which American party also wants religion over science?

Comment Re:There's a reason we don't block spam calls... (Score 1) 76

I don't understand what you're saying... is it that your company likes the calls because, as a user, you pay $2 extra if you're up near the border? Maybe it was just Toronto, but one of the reasons I like T-Mobile was my international service was no additional charge in just about everywhere I would likely travel. Back on subject, I use a brain enabled white list.... if I don't recognize the number, I don't answer it. If they leave a message, and it was something I wanted, I add them to my contacts so I know who it is.

Comment Re:Rotten Tomatoes is getting self-important (Score 4, Informative) 395

Bateman vs super man was a mediocre movie at best. The problem is these are big characters and you had no backstory for. 2 out of 3 main characters were new. If they had done a Bateman movie alone with Ben affalac (?) and had the ending, a cut scene etc tie it into Bateman vs super man it would have been a much better movie. Bonus you could also tie in sucide squad members being arrested after a confrontation with Batman.

It took Marvel a couple of tries to realize that. Now people look for cutscenes for the next marvel movie.

If you go back to 2007 and iron man and play the movies and tv shows in order you get a mostly consistent plot.

Batman vs super man is taking the plot of avengers 2 with out the character building arcs to make you care.

Comment Re:It's the economy, etc. (Score 1) 222

Exactly. I bought a new car in January when I heard that production was cutting back. Now I look and I can get similar deals to what I wanted but the dealers atill have 2016 models on their lots in quantities.

Christmas was at best mediocre this year. Discount and chain stores are closing stores just as rapidly as before.

Trump supporters are telling me their is a pent up demand but the more I look the more I see contraction coming.

Now a contraction is due in general as 8 years is a good run. However a stock market contraction is going to scare a lot of 401k baby boomers who watched their nest egg shrink and don't want it to do so again.

Comment Re: Maps technology is lost... (Score 4, Insightful) 158

It isn't losing cognitive ability, it is paying attention to what is going on.

I bet if you took that exact same group and gave them a guide who gave them directions all the time the exact same situation would develop.

I had a guide for a hiking trip I did and while I can recreate parts of the trip from memory it is only the parts where I had studied the map of where we were and when.

People are lazy. If they don't have to think about something they won't.

Comment To ad or not to ad (Score 4, Insightful) 49

An Ad by any other name is still an Ad.

So Google wants to add paid audio clips that don't sound like Ads but are descriptions of timely partner products?

So Google is trying to tech word of mouth advertising to it's home device and then charge the maker of those products for those ads?

Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

That's completely wrong - most people need to use MS Office and outlook - and while there are alternatives (and you can use OWA for Outlook), alternatives aren't good enough for large organizations. We're not talking about programmers, we're talking about assistants and accountants and managers who are told from the top down what software they are using. YMMV, but MOST people need to use MS at work. A lot of places offer Mac as an alternative, but in no place I've ever worked have assistants and accountants and managers been given the choice to use Linux. This has ZERO to do with games.

Comment Re:You're the idiot who keeps using that software. (Score 1) 320

One of the most moronic things I've read in a long time.

Try not being an idiot and change it. The reality of your situation is that you can act. You're just lazy or ignorant or prefer to just complain.

Sure, I can take the moral high ground and live on unemployment.

Tell your vendor that if they don't get off Windows onto Linux then you will leave as a customer. If there is no alternative AT ALL, then take another job.

Except the reality of the situation is Windows is not that bad to lose your job over. Moreover, I'm one user of one of our dozens of systems that run this software, and we're one company of hundreds that use it. The company is very good, but I'm doubting they'll throw away their cash cow because I'm complaining. Again, you really don't get the reality of most people's situation. Let's say you're an X-Ray technician, and the software you use, which is the industry standard used at 95% of the hospitals, runs on Windows. Do you take the moral high ground and throw away your career just because the excellent software you're using runs on Windows? Good luck with that.

This isn't A Knight's Tale and you can't change your stars. Get over yourself. If I was writing website back ends (and sometimes that's the work I do), I insist on Linux because I can. If you're running Adobe AfterEffects, you have no such luxury, and Adobe doesn't give a f#@ what you think, and your company just wants you to get it done with the tool all the other artists are using that they've already paid for.

All this grandstanding the Linux zealots are throwing out there doesn't take into consideration that, in reality, Windows isn't THAT bad to lose your job over. Most of us are grown up enough to deal with it. I have a preference - I prefer Linux when possible, but I'm flexible enough to use whatever they give me.

Comment Re: Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

Agreed - everything you install thinks it's the most important thing you use, as if it's the only thing you use , even just simply drivers. My video drivers nag me to update, my printer drivers nag me to update, anything from Adobe, Apple - they all run these f#@king background processes checking for updates. Like much of Windows 10 telemetry and spying, you need to jump through hoops to turn it all off.

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