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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 600

It's easy to drift off your speed - that's why I use cruise control even in moderate (but obviously not stop and go or slow and go traffic. At the same time, even when it's very light traffic, if I've been catching up to someone slowly for miles, then try to pass, at least 3/4 of the time they speed up.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 2) 600


I always hate that every time there is an accident involving a truck and "regular" vehicle there's always some cop on the news talking about how the truck driver is a professional to it was likely the car driver's fault. I drive about 5MPH over the limit (if the flow of traffic will allow) and often have large trucks tailgate me (pulling up behind me, not me cutting in front of them). I also see them abruptly change lanes in heavy traffic, and exhibit all sorts of the same terrible behaviors I see the regular commuters doing. It's bull$%!t.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 3, Insightful) 600

I love this topic because I always get to mention the Autobahn. No speed limit and half the traffic fatalities per mile as US interstates, all because the slower people keep right, and allow the faster people to just pass.

I freely admit I generally exceed the speed limit (although usually by more like 5MPH), and I get annoyed when we have five or more lanes through our city and people are driving below the limit in the center and left of center lanes. Someone is in the "proper" lane if they are generally passing people to their right and being passed on the left. At the same time, I don't feel like I should have to get over and go slower so that the person behind me can exceed the limit even more than I am. If it's not going to slow me down, I have no issue moving over to allow a faster driver to pass. I promise you - if you want to go faster than I'm going, I really don't want to be in your way, but you have to give me reasonable time to pass the people I'm passing.

The problem is most people hate being passed, and think the people passing are jerks (instead of simply not caring, which we should all do more of - worry about yourself). I think it has to do with transactional analysis. I often drive in off-peak hours, and use cruise control (not autopilot!) because it actually helps me pay more attention to the road without worrying about driving a consistent speed.

It's true that it seems like people will speed up when passing.... and often slow down after they pass you. What I've observed is that it's almost always the person being passed speeding up. They may not even realize they're doing it - it's probably only millimeters of difference on the accelerator, and then they complain the person passing them slowed down. The vast majority of the time I'm passing people - using cruise control - they speed up to match. Maybe they feel like if they are being passed then they are going too slow. I think more often people just don't like "losing" the social interaction with others on the roadway. All I know is that it ends up causing a lot more traffic problems because you then create rolling roadblocks, causing people to have to change more lanes to go around. For me, I'll often speed up some more - and if they speed up to match, I'll drop back to my original speed and get behind them... at which point they generally slow down. Quite frustrating, but I don't want to be the person blocking traffic.

Comment Re:Possibly it is pay for risk (Score 1) 176

There is a reason though it works. It is because humans are selfish and greedy. It is easier to find greedy smart people who will sell there own mother's than truly altruistic good people.

Why did America rise do far? Because we let i dependant, selfish, and greedy people free and mostly separate government from them. Since you don't need to rule the land to be the most wealthy, greedy people can just be greedy.

Kings use to be the wealthiest person in the land. if anyone else came close there was a war. America broke that you could be richer than the leaders.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 0) 353

The problem is that areas had record cold this past winter, and "deniers" get slammed for correlating a weather event to global climate change - but when "alarmists" do the same thing, most people just nod. It is a double standard. For the record, again, before anyone gets all irate about it, I do not deny global climate change - I'm just not biased enough to be blind to the double standard.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 5, Insightful) 382

Do you really believe trump won't be worth 20-50 billion by the time he leaves office? Trump will use his position to enrich himself. Tump has to win If he doesn't he has destroyed his most valuable asset. His brand. 70% of Trump's assets, are overseas in Muslim and Chinese countries, where rich people want to live like rich Americans. Trump uses loop holes to allow rich Chinese to immigrants to get instant green cards.

Yet you think Hillary will be worse than someone who always screws over those who does work for him.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1) 192

Just like a Republican to only hear half the truth. The FBI doesn't determine guilt or innocence.

What the FBI siad she was guilty of bad practices, but didn't break any laws. We don't put people in jail for incompetence, or stupidity.

Lying about Hillary's stupidity, and arrogance makes you look stupid.

Hillary is arrogant, and a b!thx, but I refuse to tell lies about someone just because I don't like them. Republucans love lairs. Just listen to trump talk, he lies almost as much as Hillary.

Comment Re:Rethink (Score 1, Troll) 192

Here is the thing.

Republicans have spent hundreds of millions of public tax dollars trying to prove hillary guilty of anything.
They can't do it. You can't call her a felon until she has been found guilty in a court of law.

Does that make hillary fit to be president? not in the least bit. but she isn't guilty of the crimes you think she is.

Al Capone, couldn't cover up his crimes the way republicans think hillary has. Hillary is the best con woman, The best mafia boss, to ever exist because no one can use evidence to link her to any of her purported crimes. Even the emails. They can't charge her because if they do 30 republicans have to go to jail with her because they are doing the same thing RIGHT NOW.

Hillary is a b!tch I don't like her, but no one can be guilty of anything and live in the spot light like Hillary has for 30 years. If hillary sneezes republicans spend a million dollars to find out if she gave someone a cold. That is how deeply republicans watch her every move.

Comment Re:includes $1 million worth of memorabilia.. plus (Score 1) 161

Why is it whenever i see one of these they look like crap? The theater is too bright, The ready room looks like quark's bar from DS9. So they don't go together. At least he could of used Ten forward for the drink/snack bar.

Oh sure he has a million dollars in props. but he could hire a proper decorator to create a consistent theme of the star trek rooms?

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