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Comment Re:Lame! (Score 3, Informative) 247

"Unknown Sources" has nothing to do with using adb install. It will work whether or not you have "Unknown Sources" checked or not. That is only if you want to allow other applications on the device to install applications e.g. allow the browser to install an apk that it downloaded, or allow a third party market application to install an application.

Comment Re:sleezeball (Score 1) 190

If you don't want people making money from your code, don't release it under a license that allows them to do so.

Personally, I wouldn't have any problem with someone taking the code I put into, e.g. smali/baksmali, and doing whatever the heck they want with it, including recompiling it and selling it. I don't plan on making an money off of it. If someone else does - more power to them. It's not like they're stealing money from me. This is one of the reasons that I chose to release it under a BSD license. Heck, I would dual-license it as wtfpl if someone requested it.

Comment Re:rouge apps (Score 1) 140

The thing is that AT&T hasn't restricted adb install. If they had, then google would revoke their license to redistribute the google apps, and (hopefully) no-one would use the phone because it didn't have android market.

It's pretty simple - if you want Google's blessing, you can't restrict/lock down the adb protocol - which means you must allow installing applications via adb.

Now, the real problem would be if they did decide to remove all the Google apps and the Android branding, and went off and completely did their own thing. If that happened, I'm hoping the market would react and sales of the device would be poor. But then again, take a look at all the people who buy the locked down iPhones.... my optimism might be unwarranted in this case, unfortunately.

Comment Re:rouge apps (Score 1) 140

You can't use adb install to install applications on the atrix?

If it's like the phones others have mentioned, it's just a matter of the signed drivers not being readily available for that device. But to be honest, that's only an issue because of the windows stupidity of not letting you (easily) use unsigned drivers.

I hardly think you can consider "adb install" rogue knowledge

Comment Re:Are three OK? (Score 1) 140

And I've found several cases where the Linux version is crippled, such as an NES emulator whose Windows version supports debugging the emulated ROM but whose Linux version does not.

That's rather interesting. If anything, I would expect it to be the other way around.

Will ADB sideloading even work over USB 1.1 as opposed to 2.0? And how big can Android apps be?

I see no reason why it wouldn't. I don't know offhand if there is an artificially imposed size limit when using adb install, other than the available space on the device of course. Apps with lots of assets (like big games) will typically have a reasonably sized apk, and then download tons of data to your sdcard. I bought one game that required ~1GB of data to be downloaded to the sdcard - but I knew this was the case before purchasing.

Comment Re:Are three OK? (Score 0) 140

And do what for other applications that you use and which fail in Wine?

I switched from Windows a few years ago. I've found replacements for all the applications I need. I rarely use wine - mostly just for games. Although I do still have a win xp partition for those stubborn games that don't want to work with wine.

Do you mean downgrade to Windows XP or downgrade to 32-bit Windows 7?

As far as Windows goes, I prefer XP. Granted, the 3/4gb memory limit is getting a bit constraining these days. You can, of course, take your pick :)

For now, at least until Oracle takes down the non-free Extension Pack allowing the VM to communicate with USB devices in the outside world.

I seem to recall that USB 1.1 support is included in the open source VirtualBox code. Doesn't VMWare also allow you to attach usb devices also?

Comment Re:Are three OK? (Score 1) 140

There are a couple of other solutions - still far from perfect, but workable. The best, of course, is to stop using windows, or at least stop using a version of windows that requires signed drivers. Failing that, you should still be able to install Linux onto a virtualbox VM and attach the phone to the VM.

Comment Re:rouge apps (Score 2) 140

Name one Android phone that doesn't let you sideload applications.

Oh wait, you can't. Because phones *must* allow you to sideload applications. Otherwise, they won't pass the Android compatibility test suite, and can no longer be called an Android phone - and, more critically, can't bundle any of Google's applications like the market, gmail, maps, etc.

But yes, you could have a non-Android phone/device that is *based* on Android that doesn't allow sideloading of apps (like the B&N nook for example).

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