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Comment Re:left-to-right-top-to-bottom-you-silly-foreigner (Score 1) 116

"Americans and French" "worked up" about "the intrusion of foreign languages"?

I'm looking up and down this whole thread and I don't see any evidence of what you're saying. Or maybe you're just anti-American/French and are projecting your own opinions onto others?

Besides, language is about communication. It doesn't matter how it gets done, just that it gets done. Sure the world has hundreds of languages around, but in today's world, english is the common language that binds the world together. If that hurts some people's egos, well then tough luck. Go ahead and try speaking insisting in speaking Thai in, say Africa and see how far that gets you.

Comment CNNIC is evil (Score 1) 256

I've had first-hand experience with CCNIC that ought to put things into perspective. I registered a domain name at Godaddy, and also registered a couple of DNS servers. Use of these registered DNS servers worked flawlessly, until I had to set them for Chinese clients who had registered their domains via They were unable to set these DNS servers because the system kept telling them the DNS servers were invalid. Upon calling's tech support, the client was told to talk to CNNIC.

So, I spoke to CNNIC on behalf of the client, and was basically told to go talk to Godaddy, and that Godaddy would contact CNNIC and know what to do. I thought this was odd, but sent a support ticket to Godaddy. They confirmed that the DNS servers in question had absolutely no problems and I was even sent a link verifying this over at ICANN, which is an internationally accepted organization for domain names.

I tried CNNIC again and told them that my DNS servers were valid and registered, even recognized by ICANN. I was rebuffed and basically told to go talk to Godaddy again. A few rounds of this with various people resulted in absoF*kinglutely no results. I think Godaddy is right in this case. There's nobody to talk to. The DNS servers are in-fact valid.

What I was told instead, was to go to and purchase another domain name from there, then pay 10RMB per DNS server for that new domain. I ended up having to do exactly that, to solve this problem.

After this ordeal, I am certain that CNNIC is in fact as evil as they come. They don't care about international standards, just what their omnipotent bosses tell to to do.

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