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Journal JesseL's Journal: One of the things I love about my home town. 12

Strange at it may seem to our over-civilized friends throughout the world, it still warms our heart to see pistols worn openly in the check lines of supermarkets in Prescott. Sad to say most of the exemplars may properly be characterized as geezers, but then Prescott has always qualified as a geezer town - that is one reason why we moved here.

-Lt.Col. Jeff Cooper

I've open carried around here since I was 21 and most people don't notice. Of the people who do notice most are supportive or at least indifferent. The police are never called, nobody ever shrieks, the most common comment is "nice pistol", and folks are as polite and friendly as ever.

I hear stories from a lot of other places around the country where the public isn't so tolerant. I'd hate to have it become like that around here and I think this is the best reason there is to continue open carrying. A right unexercised becomes a right denied, and that more than compensates for whatever I might give up in the "tactical advantage" or "element of surprise" that are so valued by people who insist that a defensive handgun should always be concealed.

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One of the things I love about my home town.

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  • Even though open carry is specifically protected in our city code, I don't think I could get away with it. We've got so many gun-phobics in this town that I'd get hauled in for causing a public disturbance.

    You didn't mention the state. How's the IT job market in the area?
    • Arizona. Prescott is beautiful - up in the mountains - not down in the desert. Just in case you picture AZ as one big sand dune.
      • Actually, I like the desert. There's just something comfortable about 100 degrees and 10% humidity.

        My time at Ft. Drum, NY taught me to hate snow.

        Alas, Prescott is a bit too far away from anywhere I'm likely to find a job in my career field. A 100-mile commute to Phoenix doesn't sound fun.
        • I love the Sonoran desert. Don't get me wrong. I grew up there and I miss it like crazy. But I run into people all the time who picture the Sahara when I tell them I'm from AZ. Prescott has grown like crazy since I was a kid. But it is still fun to go hang out on Gurley Street or goof off around the court house. Used to love the water fights on the 4th of July.

          I've done the drive from Castle Hot Springs up to Prescott through Crown King a few times. That is an awesome way to spend a day.
    • Same here. The only times I've ever open carried were in my yard and at the outdoor range. In PA it's technically legal, but you'd end up at the very least being harassed by misinformed LEOs, especially given my proximity to Philadelphia, a liberal hotbed. At worst, you could be arrested on trumped up charges. It's just not worth it. Unfortunately, while it's a right that hasn't been legislated away (except within the city limits of Philly), it has still been lost here because nobody has exercised it.
  • I have a good friend who attended Embry-Riddle for four as an Aviation Business Administration major. He always liked guns, but he didn't really get into them until his time in 'Zona. Whenever I talk about shooting, its almost always with him;-) I've been there once and i thought it was a nice little town, but I never saw anyone carrying. Not that I was there that long...
    • I use to run one cross country meet and one track meet each year in Prescott (my high school days) and the cross country one was held at embry riddle. Man I hated running up there. It was cooler - but no air made me sad.
      • My friend sent me a letter the first Winter he was there. When it was snowing. One of the funniest things I've ever read, it was a normal letter about being away at college. Except interspresed throughout the letter was a running monologue in various parenthesis about it snowing in Arizona. You know, I wonder if I still have that somewheres...
  • Does Arizona still have that automatic secession law if the feds try to ban guns?

    I don't see open street carry here in georgia, but I wish we had it. Concealed is easy enough, not as easy as vermont, but not bad compared to a lot of other areas. Still restrictive as to *where* though, the ninnys! They want you restricted from all the places you'd really want to carry! Bars, church, political rallies, sporting events, government buildings...

    takes all the fun out of it!
    • by JesseL ( 107722 )
      I don't recall ever seeing such a law, but it wouldn't be hard to make the argument that while it's not de jure it could be de facto.

      It's awfully gunny around here, though like Georgia, we're not allowed to pack in bars, polling places, court houses, etc.
      • ...if it ever passed, but my memory didn't fail me altogether about this.. []

        First state makes an effort to secede, I am there to help, no matter where (and I don't even like the desert very much at all). Frankly, I am amazed that alaska doesn't, they'd be rich as in fabulously just getting to own all their own state. Hawaii would benefit a lot as well, and vermont could do it if they could maintain seaport status with the st lawrence river/lake champlain. Georgi
        • by JesseL ( 107722 )
          I never could figure out how people rationalized that forcing states to remain part of the union against their will could ever be a good idea. I understand the idea of strength through unity, but coerced submission is hardly unity and the right to secession should be a valuable check on federal abuses.

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