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Journal JesseL's Journal: New Gun Leather 9

On June 4 I ordered a holster and belt from El Paso Saddlery to go with my new revolver (see previous je).

My leather finally came in on Monday, 10 weeks after I placed the order. Boy was it worth the wait!

El Paso Saddlery 1880S 'Ranger', Mexican double-loop style holster, and 'Texas' gunbelt with 24 .41 sized cartridge loops.

I'm not really a Western Wear kind of guy, but I just couldn't see carrying this gun in a tactical kydex rig or a cheap Uncle Mike's nylon pos.

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New Gun Leather

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  • great color too, congratulations. I still haven't picked a holster and belt yet; that looks enticing.
  • i bought a cheap holster for my single six - let me just say that you made the right choice.
    • I'm looking for something like that for my little Bearcat .22 LR... Of course, it would have to have the little slots for .22 cartridges also! ;)
      • by JesseL ( 107722 )
        What do you think of the Bearcat? I saw that Ruger reintroduced them and I was thinking it might be a good first revolver for my son when he's old enough.
        • I love it so far. The "new" Bearcat has an extra safety device to keep the firing pin from being struck if it's dropped, but it still basically operates like any other single-action cowboy gun. Oh, and it's a tack driver and very suitable for small hands.
  • also I see you are a lefty, makes it handier reloading traditional single actions.
    • by JesseL ( 107722 )
      Boy, ain't that the truth! It's nice knowing that there's at least one tool that is lefty friendly and makes rightys fumble with in it's most common form.

      I'm just glad I'm right-eyed so I can mange right-handed long guns. Finding lefty friendly handguns isn't easy, but it's doable. Rifles and shotguns are a whole other story.
      • I'm right handed, but my left is the good one. (My right is about 20/40 corrected, while my left is about 20/15 uncorrected.) Shooting handguns is fairly straightforward now that I've figured that out, but open sight on a rifle are a pain. Luckily I can shoot with scopes just fine though, since the image is close to my eye.
      • ..and go to a weatherby or something for decent left hand actions.

        Saw a neat home made gun before, in a magazine, a mod, a left hand and right hand rem 1100 bolted together. Talk about some awesome close in firepower. Heavy I bet though.

        How does that ruger perform? Man, I been dropping hints for THREE years to my GF, ain't seen one yet wind up under the tree though...I'd even settle for a taurus or a rossi cowboy gun, ain't too particular right now...

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