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Comment Re:Not Arrested, Not Questioned, Not Contacted. (Score 1) 287

No, not a troll. I actually post anonymously on articles frequently. I actually chose to create an account for this post because I was genuinely curious. I sympathized with the article the first time I read it. It happens all too often that someone does something generous and gets stabbed in the back. But after some research it was pretty easy to link the nicknames "megamansec" and another well known name used by an annoyingly infamous internet troll to the real name Joshua Rogers. After learning this and knowing some history behind the other name, I sympathized much less.

Comment Re:Not Arrested, Not Questioned, Not Contacted. (Score 1) 287

Haven't you, in the past been responsible for hundreds of user accounts being stolen and sold for numerous sources including Runescape as well as used vulnerabilities in sites to deface them? If this is true, have you tried to make amends to your past actions? I am genuinely curious as the online name MegaManSec is tied to these past actions.

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