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Comment Re:Why Slashdotters hate tablets (Score 1) 692

Totally agree, I have 40 years computing experience so I am used to technologies and operating systems coming and going. I use my iPad maybe 5-6 hours per day, gave away my laptop, have PC dual head station in my office.

Slashdot just gets tedious when discussing Apple or tablets, and it all seems totally rooted in fear of loss of advantage through personal PC skills.

The part I find incredibly depressing is how people happily refer to millions of tablet buyers as fanboys, and totally fail to appreciate the fact that the vast majority of potential users out there are not in IT, don't care about rooting, jailbreaking etc etc. Slashdot these days seems like a board full of Ham Radio fanatics, bewildered at the idea that someone might simply want a radio that they just switch on and use - and patronising and insulting to those that express that view.


Comment Re:iPad in the Workplace? (Score 1) 249

Well, when I am in a corporate meeting everyone is whipping them out. (too easy, leave it)

Think calendar, email, slides, web + 10 hour battery life.

That's all most people want except techies or specialists

The ibm pc, and thus DOS came about because IBM salesmen were complaining that personal computers were leaking into their client base without them having a response plan.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana.

Comment The world moves on (Score 5, Interesting) 431

I wrote my first program in 1970

I have used ICL, Burroughs, IBM, Univac, TI, DEC operating systems, VMS, nix, CP/M, MS DOS, win x, Apple OS etc etc

I have a wintel desktop which I use for devlopment activities, I carry an iPad, I have donated my laptops to nephews and nieces.

If I did not work in the IT 'space' I would happily use just my iPad.

If something better than that comes along I'll move on.

The world moves on, wintel was mainstream, it is becoming niche, I for one, have spent my career in technology because I love the excitement of new things and concepts coming along.

In my experience it is the wintel crowd who seem unable to look forward, and behave as though wintel has some sort of divine right to its previous dominance.

The most important development I have seen in my lifetime has been the internet, connectivity to it, html and the browser. For MOST people, that is how they do most of their computing, oh yes, and lightweight, non bloat, function specific 'apps'. Sadly, I will have to continue to use wintel on a daily basis as I have a server farm, rather than farmville. ;-)


Comment High School project (Score 1) 106

In 1973 I had a tobacco tin, a bent piece of foil and a strobe light, airgun and camera. shutter open, fire airgun, shockwave completes circuit, strobe backlights pellet. trial and error found the right spot. The next one I did was a flicker photometer, but it was cool being allowed to bring an airgun into school. Jerry

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