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Comment Matrix or simulation - thats is the damn question! (Score 1) 284

It kind of bugs me that people like these geniuses keep saying the we live in the matrix, but what I really think they mean is that we live in a simulation. When they say these things, and acting all profound, you expect them to get the basic constructs right! Matrix = real universe, but with a big Mofo electrode sticking in your spinal cord fooling your real brain. Simulation = simulated universe, simulated brain, ghosts all the way down. And I didn't read the article - i just wanted to sound like I knew what I was talking about.

Comment Yup, better (Score 1) 254

We use PHP and have recently moved to the Laravel framework and PHP5.5. Small things like [] for array is great. Fast, and Laravel 4 means MVC. And , off topic, but apache (2.4) configuration is pants and makes no sense!

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