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Comment Re:This stuff makes me anti-Libertarian (Score 1) 157

In (some of) the suburbs of Salt Lake City, we have exactly what you describe. The fiber infrastructure is owned by the cities, but the municipal network doesn't offer any retail services. Those are provided by "conventional" ISPs, of which there are about a dozen that customers may choose from. The incumbent telecom companies are also invited to participate (but so far have declined to do so).

Market solutions only work when there is actual competition, which I'm not sure has ever existed in wireline communications in the USA. I think this model is the next-best approach, as it eliminates wasteful "last-mile" redundancies while preserving competition where it matters most.

Comment OpenVPN (Score 1) 173

If "mixed environment" only means that there are hosts running various OS's at both locations, it's fairly irrelevant.

Anyway, I am using OpenVPN for what appears to be a similar scenario--routing traffic between a relative's and my house. I don't have Internet traffic from one site being routed through the other, although the VPN certainly could be configured that way.

I will also echo the previous recommendation for PFSense, which I am using on one side of the VPN (running on a fairly inexpensive ALIX board). On the other side, I'm using an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite. I can heartily recommend either one, but particularly the EdgeRouter which can't be beat for its ~$100 street price.

Comment Re:Wait for windows phone in 2013... (Score 2) 532

Great, so in 2013, Windows Phones will be able to do what other phones already can today. And of course, the competition will be standing still in the meantime. But Windows Phone will be worth the wait, we promise!

As for Windows Phone 7.5 being "a very good start," it's not a "start." Microsoft has been trying for years to be relevant in the mobile space. So they finally got some of it right on the seven-and-a halfth try? Good for them. (OK, I know that Windows Phone releases haven't been consecutively numbered since 1.0, but you get the idea.)

Microsoft is in catch-up mode, and I expect that they'll stay there, as this time they're not able to leverage their existing monopolies as they were able to do when they initially missed the boat with the Internet.

Comment Re:EHEM -From the creator. (Score 1) 161

It is an impressive accomplishment, and you should be proud of that. It demonstrates initiative, patience, imagination and maybe a bit of ingenuity.

There are some responses here that amount to "BFD" and you would do well to ignore those. There are others that put the scope of such a project in context, comparing it to what an undergrad student might do in a CS or EE class (and without much more experience or education than you have). I believe these responses are intended not to diminish what you've achieved, but merely to point out that it isn't rocket science (if you'll pardon the use of an old expression).

So, while similar things have been done before, it's still a monumental undertaking, and the fact that you saw the project through to completion says a lot. Again, nice job. The world (or at least some of us geeks) will be interested to see what you come up with next...


Comment Re:Old school (Score 1) 161

That's pretty much what we did in a CS/EE class. Designed a CPU from scratch, put the microcode on a FPLA and used a bunch of supporting TTL chips. If I recall correctly, it was 16-bit, but it might have been 8. He has taken it a step further with video output, and that's impressive (at least to me).

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