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Comment you just have to trick them (Score 0) 536

Once the work order is generated it will happen anyway, my address had never gotten a cable run to it and Comcast wanted to charge for an install. I signed up with a similar address, then called and corrected the addres. Their own installer called and ordered the trenching when he got there and it was free. :)

Comment tall order (Score 1) 237

But this is possibly the worst slashot article in awhile. The study specifically mentioned drive models and ages. In any case i have massive stacks of bad seagate drivea from my datacenter and a much lower number of dead western digital drives. Those are all Enterprise modela, not consumer.

Comment Re:I hate the word "rig" (Score 0) 136

...really the description of a truck was only a single and relatively new use. rig ââ/rÉg/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [rig] Show IPA verb, rigged, rigâ...ging, noun â"verb (used with object) 1. Chiefly Nautical. a. to put in proper order for working or use. b. to fit (a ship, mast, etc.) with the necessary shrouds, stays, etc. c. to fit (shrouds, stays, sails, etc.) to the mast, yard, or the like. 2. to furnish or provide with equipment, clothing, etc.; fit (usually fol. by out or up). 3. to assemble, install, or prepare (often fol. by up). 4. to manipulate fraudulently: to rig prices. â"noun 5. the arrangement of the masts, spars, sails, etc., on a boat or ship. 6. apparatus for some purpose; equipment; outfit; gear: a hi-fi rig; Bring your rod and reel and all the rest of your fishing rig. 7. Also called drill rig. the equipment used in drilling an oil well. 8. any combination trucking unit in which vehicles are hooked together, as a tractor-trailer. 9. any kind of truck. 10. a carriage, buckboard, sulky, or wagon together with the horse or horses that draw it. 11. Informal. costume or dress, esp. when odd or conspicuous, or when designated for a particular purpose: He looks quite nifty in a butler's rig. â"Verb phrases 12. rig down, Nautical. to place in an inactive state, stowing all lines, tackles, and other removable parts. 13. rig up, to equip or set up for use.

Comment bad search string (Score 0) 987

to get better results i suggest searching for your title "Compression Algorithms for Real Programmers", rather than searching for a combination of words not found in it. obviously searching for random keywords is going to bring up books other than yours since they are more popular.

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