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Comment I call BS. (Score 0) 93

As an alleged "game developer", you'd think that you could afford more than an "old" "3-year old PC". Sure - you might keep a few older machines around as backups, or for testing on 32-bit OSes, legacy peripheral support, etc., but you're not "developing" on a modern PC? That's ludicrous. You are lying.

Comment Correction (Score 0) 841

Second paragraph: Properly speaking, it's "this phenomenon" (singular) or "these phenomena" (plural). I can't tell for the life of me what it is you're trying to communicate in your rambling, incoherent post, but at the very least you could attempt to use correct grammar and/or spelling. I'll give you a pass this once, if English is not your first language (because you make the utterly irrelevant and snotty claim that you read The Brothers Karamazov "only in the original"). Douche.


OMFG.... First of all, the Black (or bubonic) Plague is NOT caused by a virus - it's caused by a bacterium. Second, the plural of the word "virus" is "viruses" - NOT the pseudo-Latin bastardization "virii"; nor is it (as above) the pathetically incorrect "virus's". I would not have made these embarrassing mistakes later than elementary school. Sweet zombie Jesus.

Comment Proofreaders Needed! (Score 0) 1

"Righthaven Looses..." Righthaven looses *what*? "Loose" is a transitive verb meaning "to set free" -- it's supposed to be "lose", apparently. I wouldn't have let that one by (especially in a headline!) when I was editor of my junior high school paper. Another sign of the rapid decline of Slashdot.

Comment Re:PC vs MAC for Video Editing... (Score 0) 443

MAC (stop yelling!) is a brand of cosmetics. You must mean "Mac" - short for Macintosh - which is a brand of computer. Furthermore, Final Cut Pro might provide a lees-than-ideal user experience on a lower-end (or "cheap", in your parlance) Macintosh - albeit less so nowadays which standard (and maximum) RAM capacities have increased so much.

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