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Comment Re:And so the downward spiral continues (Score 1) 67

AMD and Intel are truly amazing innovators.
Each time they shrink the process on those chips requires feats of engineering that are staggering. 28 nm, 20 nm soon. Thats nanometers. How cool is that?
The computer hardware companies have done incredible things to personal computing power. Intel, AMD, Nvidia, IBM. Awesome.

Get off my lawn.

Comment Re:I'm an American... (Score 1) 394

And I'm not alone in hoping for an economic downfall into poverty of the US. It may hit us too, but at least the money-bribe-saction bully that the US often is will loose its power.

US money was not offered to Europe as bribes, it was offered as humanitarian aid because Europe bombed itself into the stone age.

If it looks like bribes now its because Europe no longer needs the money. Instead of wishing poverty on the US, why don't you lobby your government to stop taking US money.

If you don't like the policies the US (urges/requires) when it gives out aid to the poverty stricken countries around the world, why don't you lobby your government to provide the aid?

Comment Re:Two things ... (Score 1) 176

We need the USPTO to stop giving out obvious patents that aren't really anything more than "with a computer".

Neutral experts, or a neutral judge and competing experts, don't come cheap.

The current system is to have a low standard at an outset and then a high standard if it turns out there is actually disagreement.

You could put the high or a higher standard first, but you would have to fund it and its not clear that it would reduce the overall expense or justness of the patent system.

Comment Re:Why does he fear Sweden will send him to US? (Score 1) 530

Take off your tinfoil hat.
This is how we feel about Free Speech in the United States.

What I find worrisome is people who are more afraid of a vast US conspiracy than the very real possibility that he raped two women. I thought Western Europe was about on par with the USA as far as womens rights go, am I mistaken?

Comment Re:The logistics required to move spent fuel (Score 1) 88

1) It is easier to build a bomb with weapons grade fuel than pu-239.
2) It is easier to fuel a reactor with weapons grade fuel than pu-239.

The value of spent fuel is less than the value of raw ore.
The value of weapons grade fuel is far greater than the value of raw ore.

Which do you think people are going to try harder to steal?

Comment Re:Let's not let broadband history repeat itself.. (Score 2) 324

There are two novels that can change a bookish fourteen-year old's life: The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged. One is a childish fantasy that often engenders a lifelong obsession with its unbelievable heroes, leading to an emotionally stunted, socially crippled adulthood, unable to deal with the real world. The other, of course, involves orcs.

Comment Re:Stupid Idea (Score 1) 1026

Sure, fossil fuel oil will run out, sooner rather than later.
That doesn't spell the end of cars though.
1) Bio-fuels from cellulose are not that far off.
2) Electric cars can easily take care of all in-city and short distance travel.
3) Natural gas can bridge the gap between oil running out and either of those technologies taking off.

Cars are awesome, the end of oil is not going to mean the end of cars.

Comment Re:Why is "Critical Infrastructure" available onli (Score 1) 376

Take all critical infrastructure offline. vs Create a mechanism by which all critical infrastructure can be taken offline when intelligence agencies think its in danger.

Your plan is certainly safer, though probably a pain in the ass in the same way pretty much any computer not connected to the internet is a pain in the ass.

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