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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 606

I will caveat this by saying that I hate to generalize and that not all millennials are the same, some are hard working corporate shills just like their parents and some are feckless hippies just like their parents, and others are the opposite of whatever their parents were just because. Which makes them no less diverse than their predecessors. Anyway this is just my experience working with literally dozens of new college grads and interns over the last several years.

Now then: You are all missing the point. I personally note a "general trend" in millennials in my line of work to not work as much or as hard. It isn't because they are lazy, it seems to be a conscious trade between having free time and having money. So this whole question of money being equal to success is a red herring. They do not all see success the same as their predecessors. Many seem to be happy if they can make 80% of full salary and have every weekend be a 3 day weekend (and still avoid 10 hour days).

Comment Re:Good news! (Score 1) 224

I just don't know. I don't really know how their production is done. I assume it is at some level outsourced to China or some such indentured servant type market, but there would have to be significant oversight. In any case, a company with that many employees can't help but be impacted by the kind of sales slow downs hitting the market right now. It could be support, marketing, management, etc... I also believe that the transition to SSDs which can be built with much more automation, and requires much less in the way of electrical and mechanical engineering, is going to impact the general storage workforce.

Comment Re:Just follow the rules (Score 1) 364

This isn't a choice of try to stop or not try to stop. The vehicle will do its best to avoid any injuries. This is more: If someone is going to get hurt, and I can't prevent it, should it be the person who put themselves in a dangerous situation or the person who has tried to make the safe choice?

Comment Re:BACKUPS PEOPLE! (Score 1) 58

For reasons that are all to obvious right now you are probably realizing that having that as your only backup is not a great idea. Sure, what you have is probably better than most, but if you really care about your data you need to periodically backup to something that isn't on-line whenever your computer is on.

Comment Re:Progress (Score 1) 183

There is no time for chitchat. You're tracked. You're timed. It's hot. People pass out. Your back will be hurting. You're lucky if you eat lunch much less checking facebook or twitter. And you do this, puppet on a string, for a small hope of getting a full time job, so you get benefits so you can actually take your kid to see a doctor once in a while. And you want to complain to Bezos? well, technically you're far from an employee. You're a contractor, probably that company working for another contractor, far removed from the "amazon way".

You make an excellent point as to why this work is better done by robots.

Comment Re:Are foreign devices fully secure? (Score 2) 138

The T-X program is a "competition" meaning that they have not selected a supplier. Last I heard there were four main suppliers, three of which have a US company partnered with a foreign company: Lockheed - KAI, Boeing Saab, Northrop - BAE, Raytheon - Alenia. So, your example is misleading.

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