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Comment Re:The commentary has a major flaw (Score 1) 188

Yes, I am conservatively some 50x more productive than my junior peers. A big part of that comes from knowing what to ask the customer up front, knowing what won't work, and knowing when to just build the damned birdhouse the customer requested rather than a 400 unit Gehry-inspired avian housing complex "just in case" the customer wants to upgrade in the future.

I'm not challenging you, but could a lot of that 50x be a result of accumulated domain knowledge or product specific knowledge?

Would you be 50x more productive than junior peers if you moved to new company in a different industry?

Comment Re:Trump! Trump! (Score 3, Informative) 84

If Telsa or anyone else is naive enough to go through with this type of deal, what is Trump supposed to do about it?

Trump's plans are (1) to end the asymmetrical trade deals that the last 4 four presidents have given us and (2) push to eliminate the existing tax code provisions that make it more economical to move manufacturing offshore and then import back in to the US. The US is pretty much alone in having such an inverted tax structure.

Comment Re:I thought protectionism doesn't work (Score 3, Informative) 84

Protectionism works just fine - the 90 million chinese workers employed in industry as a testament to that.

Free trade only raises the standard of living of all parties if everyone is playing by the same rules - asymmetrical trade relationships don't work.

Comment Re:Poor corporations (Score 1) 305

Look all the problems San Francisco is having. More businesses moving into the centre, turns it into an industrial park that shuts down on the week-end.

Doesn't have to be that way. Chicago has as much foot traffic on the weekends as it does during the week. Just build new high rise residences with retail shops on the street level. That helps a city reach the population critical mass that it needs to for downtown retail and restaurants to survive on the weekends. San Francisco's problem is due to politics and hostility to new residential.

Comment Re:If you were here... (Score 1) 305

So the mayor is studying ways to avoid an active-by-day deserted-by-night city. Probably this won't go through exactly as is, but these companies may be asked to leave certain residential areas.

The way to accomplish that is to build new housing downtown with retail/service/restaurants on the street level, residences on the higher floors and maybe some office space in-between.

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