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Comment Re:Communist! (Score 1, Insightful) 738

Too true, my friend. What is with all these consumers and their sense of entitlement? If you don't like the service that the free market provides, you are free to start your own telecommunications company and do a better job if you're so smart. Too many people want to change the way things are done without realizing that they were perfect 150 years ago before ivory tower liberals started trying to make everything "fair" at the barrel of a government gun.

Nothing good ever came from citizens trying to govern themselves as a people. We should know our place and learn to appreciate the opportunities created for us by the captains of industry who decided not to just drive around all day listening to raps and shooting all the jobs, but to work hard and create wealth and jobs.

Comment Dangerous move (Score -1, Flamebait) 182

The free market's homeostatic mechanisms automatically set the level of these types of practices. I know everyone expects handouts these days, but when you let government start levying fines against competitive companies, you are actually punishing job creation. I can supersize with the liberal sentiment that wants to give everyone a raise but we should fear the day when there are government goons setting limits on my employer's rational self-interest.

Comment Re:Slaves (Score 2, Insightful) 306

Yes, yes it is. If someone offers you exorbitant compensation from public funds and imposes no consequences for failure to deliver, it is unethical to persist once you realize what's going on since you're basically stealing from the public. Both sides of the deal are in the wrong. If the donor were a private entity, then there's no problem.

Comment Re:So the government is forcing me to buy somethin (Score 1) 2424

So when you pay taxes for police to protect other people's property, that's slavery. When you pay taxes and we build roads so you can conduct commerce, that's slavery. I think you can think of a few more examples. Maybe you can go to the library and do some research. Oh, the library is slavery too.

Submission + - Toshiba ends incandescent bulb production (goodgearguide.com.au) 1

angry tapir writes: "Toshiba has ended production of mass-market incandescent light bulbs, putting to a close a 120-year manufacturing history of the products. The company, which is one of Japan's largest makers of lighting products, had planned to halt production next year but brought up the date by a year. It will now focus on more energy efficient products including LED (light-emitting diode) lights, which contain a handful of white LEDs and draw a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs."

Submission + - Frog Foam Photosynthesis (uc.edu)

Garrett Fox writes: University of Cincinnati researchers describe a method of getting photosynthesis from a high-surface-area foam containing enzymes that produce sugar using light and CO2. (Abstract). Oddly, the foam itself is derived from a species of frog. More interesting is that the technique doesn't use whole cells or apparently even chloroplasts. The researchers claim "chemical conversion efficiencies approaching 96%", as well as tolerance for deliberately high-CO2 environments.

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