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Comment Re:Thinking mathematically (Score 2) 260

Yes, they can. The legal ability for a company to fix mistaken online prices after the fact was established early on.

If the mistake is a small one, they will often opt to skip the PR hit and let the mistake stand but they do have the legal right to fix thins.

It is much clearer with physical products. They will usually find and fix problem before a physical product ships. In most cases the give the buyer the option to choose to pay the correct price or cancel the order. With games, because the game it tied to an account, they are able to revoke your access to the game, just like they would not-ship a physical product.

Comment Re:First Amendment Rights (Score 1) 284

The First Amendment doesn't enumerate a right to say whatever the hell one wants. There is a lot of speech that is not covered by the First Amendment, such as libel, slander, defamation of character, obscenity, dangerous or inciteful speech, and speech with the sole intent to deprive others of a right.

So much this... the First Amendment certainly does not protect video that was neither legally recorded or aquired unless that video is so important that the courts decide that it is in the publics best interest for it to be seen. That in no way applies here.

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