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Comment too many questions (Score 1) 141

It all depends on what you want out of VR.

The only computer I have at home these days is a Surface Pro 4, so Rift & Vive don't interest me at this point.

After following posts by/about John Carmack for years I figured if he plays Minecraft on the GearVR weekly, the experience must be pretty good. A refurbished Galaxy S7 ($300), a X-box One Bluetooth controller ($60), and a GearVR ($99) later and I am a happy camper.

GearVR is admittedly VR-Lite since it does not have positional tracking (only rotational) and uses a non-VR controller, but it is pretty amazing and 100% wireless. So far MinecraftVR and videos use up all the time I have for VR.

Comment Re:Video Here (Score 1) 42

The graphics are just place holders. The important part is getting the infrastructure into Windows to support AR/VR on every computer running Windows.

The Rift also does not have a third generation Kinect attached to it that can scan your environment while doing inside-out tracking without any external cameras/base-stations? That is what all the devices from MS partners will bring to the table.

Comment Really? (Score 2) 176

How is there even any wiggle room? If you distribute a app that contains GPL code, you must make your source code available, period.

Folks in general tolerate a little lag between app release and code release, but if you actually want to follow the spirit of the GPL, your source should be available at the time of distribution because you don't really have a fully valid license to distribute your GPL containing work until it is.

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