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Comment Just ditch Uber already (Score 1) 168

Use Lyft, it's better for the driver and better for the passenger.

If all the drivers who complain about Uber would just go to Lyft, the passengers will follow. Same for passengers.

Sign up to drive:

Get free passenger ride credits:

Comment Comparison Shopping? (Score 1) 135

NASA has, perhaps rightly so, cautious about utilizing private space transport contractors. You know, all that need to see reliability. While the Russians (essentially a private contractor at this point) have a good record overall, I'd like to see a comparison over the last 5 years. What is the success to failure rate for Roscosmos, SpaceX, Nasa (ULA), etc...?

Comment No sole arbiter (Score 1) 211

In general, there is no sole arbiter of what words, grammar or syntax is English. English is largely defined by common usage.

The Oxford English Dictionary, and other popular dictionaries or encyclopedia may well be used as supporting evidence for how we use English, but I certainly don't look to the Associated Press, as reported by ABC News, as a strong basis for what I should be doing with my speech and writing.

Comment I had this happen yesterday!!! (Score 1) 124

Yup, this is real.

Yesterday morning, I had a notification on my phone that my account was now at $0.00. HUH??!

Launched the app and then noticed my Starbuck's card was removed. WTF?!

I called their support line. They didn't offer much in the way of help, but did say that the email address had been changed on my card and that it was indeed removed. They reset my password and are sending me a new Gold Card.

Comment Re: Go California! (Score 1) 139

Yeah... except I've been posting on Slashdot for almost 10 years, I work in the video-game industry and have no connections to Uber. It just annoyed me a little that people assume that because "real" taxis are regulated, that somehow the drivers and cars must be nicer, when, in my experience, the opposite has been true.

Note, if you want proof of my employment I will happily provide it. I'm not a shill.

Comment Re: Go California! (Score 1) 139

Actually I've found the opposite is true, as regards regular taxi drivers. I stopped using official yellow cabs in Southern California after my cab driver either fell-asleep or fell into a drug induced stupor while driving on the 405 south towards Irvine. I had to repeatedly hit him on the shoulder to wake him up before we smashed into the side, we were about half a second away from both being dead, I'm deadly serious. I was shaken up all evening.

I heard about Uber after that and started using them, I've only had the best experience with them. Cleaner cars, well spoken, more normal seeming drivers, a much better experience in every way, and cheaper too! In fact, for some reason, now I think about it, "real" cab drivers always seem way sketchier and suspect than all the Uber drivers I've encountered, as though Uber attracts more middle-class people and "real" taxi drivers are more likely to be lower-income and/or under-educated. I've had plenty of "real" taxi drivers seem dodgy, smelly, rude, non-English speaking. None of that with Uber.

Comment Re:Bios code? (Score 1) 533

I thought that in old CPUs, like 6502 the processor would not listen to interupts anymore. ...

The original 6502 certainly had no HALT instruction (or similar variant). I don't believe there's any way to stop it listening for an NMI (Non-Maskable Interrupt), although obviously a "normal" maskable interrupt is trivially blocked by setting the IRQ disable bit in the status register.

Input Devices

Throwable 36-Camera Ball Nearly Ready To Toss 68

An anonymous reader writes "About 2 years ago, Jonas Pfeil, created a Throwable Panorama Ball: A rugged, grapefruit-sized ball with 36 fixed-focus, 2-megapixel digital camera sensors that capture simultaneously when thrown in the air, creating a full spherical panorama of the surrounding scene. Now, an Indiegogo campaign aims to produce the the camera (Now known as Panono) available for about $500. The quality of the sample images is impressive: the resolution is quite good and most importantly, the stitching artifacts are hardly visible."

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