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Journal Journal: What is with Zealots??

You know, I have been using linux for about 5 years now. Before that, I used a couple flavors of BSD, and Windows. I still use Windows on a day to day basis at work. My laptop runs XP, most of our desktops run a variety of 98, 2k, and XP, and our file servers run 2k. I have a firewall/router setup on OpenBSD, and a network monitoring machine that runs SlackWare.

Now I like Linux a lot. I am a dedicated SlackWare user and fan. I've contributed pieces and parts to various areas. But, I fail to see why some people are so fucking rabid and die hard over the OS. Yes, it is a very good OS. Yes it is stable and secure. That is why I use it dammit. But seriously, why do we have to take down evil empires with it?

I always here how some uBB3r l33t g33k wants the l1nux z34l0ts to take over the world and kill microsoft. Now, although is an amusing thought, I seriously doubt it would help anything. If it weren't for Microsoft, people wouldn't be looking for alternatives, and thus, we would have no drive to make different software that works better. We also wouldn't have the fun we do everyday bashing Microsoft for there security holes. We also wouldn't have a lot of innovative technologies on the desktop. Although I hate to admit it, they have done alot of good work. The only problem is, when they make a new product that is rockin, they write horrid fucking code; Which results in Viruses galore.

I personally want to see Microsoft stay around forever and ever. I love seeing all of the drama coming from Redmond. I love watching them scramble to get patches out to fix something another patch broke. And all of the legal drama; oh man, lovely. I also want them to stick around to come up with other technologies that we can make a far superior alternative to.

As for all of you Zealots out there. Stop being so damn tight assed. Our beloved OS isn't going to fall to shambles if we don't defend it like 2 day old meat found in a garbage can by a hungry dog. Linux states enough on it's own just by running at a far more superior level.
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Journal Journal: A rather boring day

Well, it looks like the SCO hub-bub has cut down for a day or so. Haven't seen any new stories anyway. Haven't done any posting today, but then again, I really don't do too much posting. I will through in my .02 every once in a while, but I am rather quite. I'm planning on restructuring my home network. I got this awesome p75 w/ 16m of ram today. It is going to make a rather sweet firewall. Yeah, I am going to put linux on it. I've been working on bringing the level of paranoia that PF has in OpenBSD to my linux network. I have a few windows boxes on the network too, so I really want to do some testing with Samba-TNG also. After I install the firewall, I am going to take my main box offline and have a format and recompile from scratch party. Well, the load on my main systems will be dropped a little now. My main system is the firewall currently, but with this new kicking p75, I have a dedicated firewall. I also got a copy p266's which I plan to setup as my dns servers, network filtering, email, and antivirus servers. That open-antivirus project is pretty nice.
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Journal Journal: First Journal.

Yeah, I finally decided to write in my slashdot journal. I just wanted everyone else to see my nonsense ravings. I finally decided to write in my journal after my posts on the QT4 article. I just don't understand some opensource projects. "Oh, lets change the underlying api's but keep source compatibility, and lets do it on the release of every major version. Then during the minor versions, we'll break binary compatibility on every 4th release, just to keep the other projects guessing."
On the other hand, I really don't understand why such simplistic application projects are being written in low level languages. Why do I need a text editor written in C? Why would a coder of putting himself through the bugs and complications of a low level language, when he can write a very simple program in a high level language, which would get the job done faster, and would be easier to maintain? Does he use a low level language to look l33t? Seriously, what ever happened to use the tool that will get the job done the fastest and easiest? When I write code for our company, I don't bust out X86-ASM to write a data viewer. I would use python with the proper data class. It would take only a few minutes, and it would make the boss happy. Then I could return to reading the endless comedy on slashdot, plotting ways of making SCO disappear, and thinking of ways I can implement OpenBSD style paranoia in the Linux kernel.
Well, that is probably enough ranting for now.

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