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Comment Re:cool! (Score 1) 98

That is really cool.... it won't go terribly wrong, right?

If it does, you'll die. Which you were going to do anyway.

Couldn't that be used as an argument for doing every sort of crazy, dangerous, or bone-headed thing that crosses into people's mind? I mean, you're ALWAYS going to die eventually ...

Comment Very limited need (Score 1) 636

I really don't understand why those things are used! The only time I ever "needed" a graphing calculator was in high school. In college, not a single math class allowed calculators, at all. Even the calculus courses! The only thing I ever used my TI-83P for was loading it up with equations (in the notepad app) for physics. And in physics, the hard part is knowing which equation to solve given the problem, not how to do math. Most of the time we were allowed cheat sheets anyways. These things are useless. I would've posted the xkcd comic, but someone else beat me to it.

Comment Wow (Score 3, Insightful) 152

This is quite simply amazing. And even though it's not perfect, can you imagine the implications of this? Everything from weaponization to ornithology. Imagine being able to observe a flock of birds on a migratory route as part of the flock! It's really quite stunning.

Comment Re:on the fence (Score 1) 262

Sir, I think your post is slightly insulting to rocks. They have tons of uses!

1) Beat someone up with it
2) Break stuff with it
3) Throw it at something you don't like
4) Turned into concrete
100) Crushed to a powder and used to sandblast paint off things

Next time, use a more sensible example, such as ... bureaucrat

Comment Re:backups are important. (Score 1) 462

while i admire your desire to teach 14 years all of this, most of them will not care about that level of detail. in my high school programming class, most kids couldn't remember basic control structures (if, else, loops, etc.), and when given problems to solve, would ask the teacher for the 'codes'. heck, even the universities don't start with architecture, hardware overviews, or assembly

Comment Re:Don't sit down = Immortality (Score 1) 341

It might be possible to live forever by not sitting down, it'll just be hard as hell to find out. Who are you to say that if someone never sits, ever, then they wouldn't die? You could live to 1,000 years old, but the second you put your ass in a chair, you die. It'll be like the movie Speed or that Family Matters episode where the bus can't slow under 55 or the cop couldn't stop jogging on the treadmill. More research must be done!

Comment Re:IE? Seriously? (Score 1) 142

Unfortunately that can't always be your answer, especially when your site is an enterprise application, and the bread and butter of your system. As much as we would like to shun users of old or crummy software, sometimes, they're the ones keeping the lights on. Any help with allowing us to support them is help worth taking advantage of, in my opinion.

Your Feces Is a Wonderland of Viruses 211

sciencehabit writes "Thanks to an anlaysis of fecal samples from four sets of Missouri-born female identical twins and their mothers, researchers have concluded that human guts harbor viruses as unique as the people they inhabit; the viral lineup differs even between identical twins. Even more surprising? These viruses may be doing good work inside of us."

Low-Level Format For a USB Flash Drive? 252

Luyseyal writes "I unwittingly bought one of these terrible flash cards at Fry's and have managed to nuke two of them, successively. I have a USB flash card reader that will read/write the current one at USB 1.0 speed, but it locks up every Ubuntu and XP machine I've come across in high-speed access mode. I have read that if I low-level format it that it could be fixed, though my current one doesn't support it. My Google-fu must be weak because I cannot seem to find a USB flash reader that specifies that it will do low-level formatting." Can anyone offer advice for resurrecting such drives?

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