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Submission + - Proof of Concept Adware on OSX

Jazzer_Techie writes: F-Secure reports that they have received a proof-of-concept adware program for OSX. The post is light on details, but the exploit installs a system library without prompting the user and does not require admin privileges. Nicknaming it iAdware, they say "This is easier to do than with Windows. After all, it's a Mac."

Submission + - Get Your Name on a Satellite

Jazzer_Techie writes: MIT and Georgia Tech are collaborating to create a student designed satellite which will be launched in 2010 and orbit the earth for five weeks before landing in Australia. To help raise funds and speed the project along, individuals and companies can purchase area on the satellite to cover with their signature, logo, or other image. (Prices start at $35 / cm^2.) If you think that's a bit steep, they'll also let you put your name on a DVD for free. The site doesn't provide a lot of detail about the mission goals, but it looks like a good way to raise funds for a neat idea.

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