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Comment Re:"Available in WebM" (Score 5, Informative) 163

If you have opted in to use Html5 and website you visit uses iframe to embed YouTube videos you'll see the video without flashplugin. The codec used depends on the browser you are using: Firefox and Opera will play the WebM version, Safari and IE9 will use h.264. I'm not sure what codec Chrome will prefer, but most likely WebM.

Submission + - SPAM: Serious Security Bugs Found In Android Kernel 1

geek4 writes: An analysis of Google Android Froyo's open source kernel has uncovered 88 critical flaws that could expose users' personal information

An analysis of the kernel used in Google’s Android smartphone software has turned up 88 high-risk security flaws that could be used to expose users’ personal information, security firm Coverity said in a report published on Tuesday.

The results, published in the 2010 edition of the Coverity Scan Open Source Integrity Report, are based on an analysis of the Froyo kernel used in HTC’s Droid Incredible handset.

Enterprise fears
The results arrive as Android is increasing its market share and increasingly being used in the enterprise.

While Android implementations vary from device to device, Coverity said the same flaws were likely to exist in other handsets as well. Coverity uncovered a total of 359 bugs, about one-quarter of which were classified as high-risk.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Sweden rejects Assange residency application

Jazzbunny writes: Sweden's immigration authority on Monday rejected WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's request for residency, a potential setback in his efforts to gain protection from Swedish press freedom laws. "His application has been denied," Migration Board spokeswoman Gunilla Wikstrom told The Associated Press. She declined to give the reason, saying it was confidential.

Comment Re:If it makes Ubuntu feel any better.... (Score 1) 248

Dell might be selling preloaded Ubuntu machines but at least Dell UK makes it rather difficult to actually buy them. Basically you need to call sales rep, send them few emails, blog about how your emails just weren't answered and if you are lucky you get twitter name that might be able to help you in your quest. Not exactly the easiest shopping experience.

Comment Re:And? Care factor zero (Score 1) 194

Well how about you redo the experiment and prove to the world that this security expert is wrong, from the pdf you can find how he captured the data:

Packet captures were recorded using tshark, the console-based libpcap capture utility. The resulting files were then analyzed using a suite of open-source tools including Wireshark, ngrep, and the Perl Net::Pcap libraries in order to determine what, if any, personally-identifiable information was being shared with third parties.

Happy hacking.

Comment Re:And? Care factor zero (Score 2, Informative) 194

You don't see the problem because you didn't read the pdf:

For example, Amazon’s application communicates the logged-in user’s real name in plain text, along with the UDID, permitting both and network eavesdroppers to easily match a phone’s UDID with the name of the phone’s owner. The CBS News application transmits both the UDID and the iPhone device’s user-assigned name, which frequently contains the owner’s real name.

Open Source

Submission + - devs move to break with Oracle (

swandives writes: Some developers of the desktop productivity suite have broken from Oracle and have introduced a new name for the project and a new foundation to guide its future. They will distribute a version of the open-source office productivity suite under the name "LibreOffice," under the purview of an independent organization called The Document Foundation.

The move underscores the tensions between the open-source community and Oracle over projects such as and the free database application MySQL. According to a project lead for worldwide language development for, Charles H. Schulz, Oracle regarded the community as "more part of the problem" than the solution. He doesn't consider LibreOffice a fork of but rather a continuation of the original project.


Submission + - DLL hole now affects EXE files

Jazzbunny writes: It turns out that the DLL vulnerability (Binary Planting) under Windows was only the tip of the iceberg. DLL libraries aren't the only things that are seem to be vulnerable; EXE files also appear to be affected and the DLL workarounds proposed by Microsoft do not help.

In a security advisory for the recently updated Safari browser, security service provider ACROS explains the problem. Attackers first save an HTML file and a manipulated file called explorer.exe on a drive. When the victim opens the HTML file with Safari, nothing happens initially, but the file does contain a link to a URI that starts with "file://", which causes Windows to try to start Windows Explorer (explorer.exe). Unfortunately, Windows loads the explorer.exe within the containing folder (the network share) and executes it.

For further details, see ACROS' Binary Planting Goes EXE.

The Push For Colbert's "Restoring Truthiness" Rally 703

jamie writes "A grassroots campaign has begun to get Stephen Colbert to hold a rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to counter Glenn Beck's recent 'Restoring Honor' event. The would-be rally has been dubbed 'Restoring Truthiness' and was inspired by a recent post on Reddit, where a young woman wondered if the only way to point out the absurdity of the Tea Party's rally would be if Colbert mirrored it with his own Colbert Nation.'"

Comment Re:Valve... (Score 1) 313

I got the Humble Indie Bundle for my Ubuntu machine. All the games had different installers but they all worked just fine. If some small indie game developers can get their games working on Linux I can't see why big developers can't do the same. Something like quater of the sales came from Linux users despite it's not the platform any of the developers had in mind when they made their games.

Comment Plugins (Score 1) 256

If you want to test whether your favorite plugin will work at Firefox 4.0 b or not, do following: add new boolean entry at about:config named "extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0b" and set it to false. After that install your plugins and mostly they work just fine, if not nag to the plugin developer :)

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