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Submission + - Facebook Blocks Another Contact Exporter Tool

An anonymous reader writes: Last week, Facebook blocked a Google Chrome extension for exporting Facebook friends. Open-Xchange saw this news and decided to build its own tool, which used approved Facebook APIs and was not in violation of Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, or at least that's what the the company's management thought. Yesterday, Facebook blocked the tool.

Submission + - The Ten Largest Malware Delivery Networks (

wiredmikey writes: Just like any business, cybercriminals need to be ready to respond to incidents and events that can be beneficial to their businesses. For cybercriminals utilizing malware as a tool of choice for their dark-sided business, ongoing delivery and spreading of their malicious software is critical to a successful and profitable operation. Malware Delivery Networks are a key component of cybercriminal success, and key component in the the malware supply chain.

A recent report highlighted the 10 largest malware delivery networks, from the nearly 400 unique malware delivery networks being watched during the first half of this year.

According to the report, “Shnakule” was the leading malware delivery network, both by size and effectiveness in the first half of 2011. On average during that period, Shnakule had 2,000 unique host names per day with a peak of more than 4,300 per day. It also proved the most effective in terms of luring users in, with an average of more than 21,000 requests and as many as 51,000 requests in a single day. Shnakule is a broad-based malware delivery network whose malicious activities include drive-by downloads, fake anti-virus and codecs, fake flash and Firefox updates, fake warez, and botnet/command and controls. Interrelated activities include pornography, gambling, pharmaceuticals, link farming, and work-at-home scams.


Submission + - Google Plus Runs Out Of Disk Space; Spams Users (

dkd903 writes: Yesterday, many users of Google+ noticed Google spamming their inbox with multiple email notifications in very quick succession. Earlier today, Vic Gundotra, Head of Social at Google, explained what was causing it – Google ran out of disk space on the server that keeps track of notifications.

Submission + - Google Chairman To Testify At Antitrust Hearing (

bonch writes: Following a threat of subpoena, Google chairman Eric Schmidt will be testifying at a Senate antitrust subcommittee in September. Google has denied acting anticompetitively and cites its success as the cause of the increased scrutiny. The Federal Trade Commission and European Commission have both launched antitrust investigations into the company, and the Justice Department is also conducting a criminal probe into their acceptance of ads from rogue web pharmacies, an investigation Google has set aside $500 million to settle.

Submission + - New system for the blind assigns sounds to shapes (

cylonlover writes: Engineers from the Research Center for Graphic Technologies at Spain's Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) have created an experimental system, that allows the blind to be aware of their surroundings through the use of sound. Called EYE 21, it consists of a pair of sunglasses with two built-in micro video cameras, a computer, and a pair of headphones. Sounds are assigned to the various surfaces in that space, and are played back through the headphones.

Submission + - End of the Line for Smelly Socks (

athe!st writes: A new anti-microbial treatment that can make clothing — including smelly socks — permanently germ-free has been developed by US scientists. In a paper published in the American Chemical Society journal Applied Materials and Interfaces, Dr Jason Locklin and his colleagues state that the treatment kills a wide range of dangerous pathogens, including staph, strep, E. coli, pseudomonas and acetinobacter.

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