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Submission + - Porn-Trolling lawyers facing disbarment, fines, and criminal prosecution.

JayRott writes: Prenda Law (the porn copyright trolls previously mentioned here) have finally been handed Judge Otis D. Wright II's order. The order is every bit as entertaining as one would expect. It even has a liberal sprinkling of Star Trek references.
Brett Gibbs, John Steele and Paul Hansmeier are facing an $82,000 fine (noted by Judge Wright to be just below the cost of a proper appeal, a reference to Prenda's settlement offers which fell just below the cost of a proper defense.) Judge Wright will also "refer this matter to the United States Attorney for the Central District of California. The will also refer this matter to the Criminal Investigation Division of the Internal Revenue Service and will notify all judges before whom these attorneys have pending cases."
Prenda law appears to be floating belly-up in the fishbowl.

Ars Technica coverage:

Pope Hat coverage:

Link to full order:
The Courts

Submission + - Prenda Lawyer ordered to serve former colleagues judge's order, having trouble. (

JayRott writes: On March 14th Judge Otis Wright ordered former Prenda lawyer, Brett Gibbs, to serve an Order to Show Cause to his former porn-trolling bosses. It seems that Gibbs is finding that a bit difficult, however. Ken at breaks down the difficulties of serving one imaginary CEO and a few uncooperative lawyers and paralegals. I suspect Judge Wright will be less than amused.

Submission + - Panicked porn troll Prenda Law now dismissing pending lawsuits (

JayRott writes: "The embattled copyright trolling firm Prenda Law is seeking to contain the fallout from a looming identity theft scandal by voluntarily dismissing lawsuits filed by the shell company AF Holdings. A Minnesota man named Alan Cooper has charged that Prenda fraudulantly used his name as the CEO of AF Holdings, allegations that have attracted the attention of a California judge.

Ken at the legal blog Popehat broke the news that Prenda attorney Paul Duffy has sought dismissal of at least four pending infringement cases involving the Prenda-linked shell company AF Holdings. All four dismissals occurred in the Northern District of Illinois."

I don't see how Prenda thinks this is going to make one lick of difference to an already angry Judge.

Submission + - Stikam shutting down after 7 years. (

JayRott writes: After many years, the video streaming site Stikam shut down. Many users received an email announcing the decision with no prior warning. Stikam, lauded as the first live video streaming site (that wasn't of a more adult-oriented nature,) has not publicly announced a reason for their decision. Users will have until February 28th to log on and retrieve their archived videos.

Submission + - Magicjack releases Magictalk in beta (

JayRott writes: When I plugged in my Magicjack this evening a pop up officially announced Magictalk service is in beta. For those who have not heard, Magictalk allows users to make free calls using VOIP. The company plans on making money by billing the phone company on the receiving end of the call, which I expect will cause some companies to block the service. If you want to try it out, just head to The software works with either PC or Mac (as usual Linux users are left out in the cold.)

Submission + - Woman claims ownership of the sun.

JayRott writes: From The Site: 'After billions of years the Sun finally has an owner — a woman from Spain's soggy region of Galicia said Friday she had registered the star at a local notary public as being her property.'
Awesome! Now I finally have someone to sue when I get skin cancer.

Submission + - Miami lawyer unable to enter prison due to her bra (

JayRott writes: From the site "An underwire bra stopped a Miami attorney from seeing her client held at the Miami Federal Detention Center, setting off controversy over the inmate facility's dress code. Attorney Brittney Horstman was not packing heat. She was wearing an underwire bra. And when the metal detector went off on a visit to the Miami Federal Detention Center, security guards wouldn't let Horstman in to see her client. The attorney reminded guards of a detention center ``memo'' allowing female attorneys wearing an underwire bra to enter. But the guards would not relent. Horstman stepped into a bathroom and removed her bra. In blouse and jacket, she returned, and cleared the walk-through detector.Again, guards refused to let her pass — now, because she was braless, which is against prison dress code guidelines." Your tax dollars at work!

Read more:

Submission + - What to do with a un-needed desktop?

JayRott writes: I have a desktop computer that I built about a year ago. It isn't a top-shelf system by any means but it isn't a bad system either. It runs Ubuntu linux. I want to ask the slashdotters what do you think I should do with it? I was thinking perhaps hooking it up to my LCD TV and using it as some type of media center for watching hulu and youtube. Mabey I could VNC into it from the laptop to control it. Any good ideas?

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