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Comment Heh.. this is rich. (Score 1) 836

Judging from a past encounter with a guy claiming to be a firefighter in Bozeman, I now wondering if they've been having problems with city employees posting questionable material. A while back I got into a bit of an argument with some guy claiming to be a firefighter from Bozeman, MT when he posted some racist garbage about President Obama on a friend's Facebook wall.

I still have a screen shot of it and I'm now tempted for forward it along.

Comment Re:My uni apparently didn't get the memo (Score 1) 125

I work for a medium-sized University and I'm curious what the CIO is going to say about this. He's the one who pushed the Ruckus thing through on our campus and I suspect this'll lead to a bit of egg on his face.

I dunno, I guess I was just uncomfortable with the thought of putting all of my eggs (my music library) into one basket. (The Ruckus DRM servers)

The Internet

Online Reputation Management To Keep Your Nose Clean? 125

Techdirt is reporting that as a response to all the hoopla about people being able to Google for information on potential employees (or lovers) a new market has opened up in "online reputation management". This seems to be the ultimate realization of those dubious firms who promised to scrub your records clean from a few years back. "From the description in the article, it sounds like this involves a combination of search engine optimization, plus legal bullying of anyone who says something you don't like. If anything, that sounds like a recipe for more trouble, but you can see how it would appeal to those who are unhappy with how they're perceived online. Obviously, it's no fun to have something bad about you exposed online, but efforts to suppress that information have a decent likelihood of backfiring and serving to highlight that information. I wonder if these online reputation managers have malpractice insurance for when that happens?"

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