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Comment Re:gun cleaning (Score 2, Interesting) 1374

I'd venture to say people are just as unlikely to clean and oil their gun and install fresh ammunition..

Au contraire! Every year, thousands (thousands!) of good responsible gun owners unintentionally shoot themselves or their buddies in the hand, or foot, or ass, or crotch, or head (that last one seldom turns out well!).

In about 2/3 of those cases, guess what they were doing? Wait for it.... they were CLEANING THEIR GUN AND IT JUST WENT OFF! So there are gun cleaners everywhere, I tell you, and my hat is off to them, having the courage to clean their gun when it is (apparently) such a risky activity.


Comment Re:no groping please? (Score 1) 141

1: If you really want to get through as fast as possible, then at most airports (you'll have to check the airports you use), you want to buy a first-class ticket (or be in your favorite airline's top-tier frequent-flyer program, Delta Medallion Gold/Platinum/Diamond or the equivalent), PLUS sign up for TSA Pre ( The combination of those two things means that at MOST airports MOST of the time you'll bypass the main queue, which is the real-world biggest delay.

2 Well, believe it or not, no TSO wants to pat you down.: If you want to avoid pat-downs, then first you need to not be a brown-skinned male with a beard and an Islamic-sounding name. That sucks, but it's true. Second, don't be a PITA. Don't have weird shit in your carry-on, have your pockets really empty, be polite, pleasant and attentive to everyone you see (just like you do every day, right?).

Oh, also, don't be a heavy sweater. Sorry, but sweat-soaked clothing is an excellent reflector of mm-wave, and those spots will yellow-flag and often get you a quick hand-check. :-)


Comment Not even stronger... (Score 1) 294

Zohydro is 10mg time-release hydrocodone. 10/325 hydrocodone/acetaminophen (often brand name Norco) or 10/300 (Vicodin HP) are commonly prescribed in the US for post-op pain.

I'm in the US, and was prescribed 10/325 Norco after outpatient hernia surgery last year. Hated that shit; nausea, impenetrable constipation, pain relief using max dosage was slightly less effective than max dosage OTC ibuprofen, and absolutely no trace of anything even vaguely resembling a high.

The difference with Zohydro is no contaminant acetaminophen, so no risk of liver damage.

Comment Re:lumping it in (Score 1) 734

As long as a nuclear plant has US standards for quality and testing instead of Japanese standards, we're all set.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but every single commercial nuclear power plant in the US (30+ of which are US-designed GE boiling water plants just like the Daiichi facility) are susceptible to exactly the same failure. A failure of outside electrical feed followed by failure of your onsite diesel generators means catastrophic destruction of the reactor core in a very short time.

Some of the US plants are located right on the banks of the Mississippi River, which is famous for NEVER flooding, of course.

There are zero, that is ZERO passive-safe commercial nuclear power plants operating anywhere in the world. Something like a grand total of 4 in very early construction world wide (none in the US, of course). This is a shame and a scandal, but it's true.

Comment Re:Henchman? Looks more like another Entitlement (Score 3, Insightful) 1010

If you were actually concerned about expense to taxpayers, you would be complaining about the cop wasting police department time and money, and the court's time and money, and you would have a point. As it it is though, you're just being silly. -Jay-

Comment Re:drugs and explosives (Score 1) 221

I'm not sure what you're talking about. *All* of my examples were found by x-ray, either in checked luggage or in carry-on. Only a tiny fraction of passengers go through sniffers and swabbing.

"US soldiers usually aren't terrorists"? That's a useless observation. Mathematicians usually aren't terrorists. Men usually aren't terrorists. Musicians usually aren't terrorists. What does that have to do with anything? Sheesh.

And I'm sure the 13 people killed at Ft. Hood are glad to know that you have determined that US soldiers with guns are of no danger to anybody.

You were wrong sonny, be a man and own up to it. :-)

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