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Comment Encryption Algorithms (Score 1) 521

I don't see what is so hard about creating an unbreakable encryption code. You have a random number generator. Give it a start value. Produce a string of random letters as long as your message, and do an XOR with the text to be encrypted. The receiving people can only decode the message if they know the start value for the random number generator. Am I missing something?

Comment Re:Hillary, is that you? (Score 1) 307

Since corporations are people, they can pay their fare share.

Bill Gates doesn’t pay Microsoft’s taxes. You and I pay it in the form of higher prices when we buy Microsoft Word. The corporate income tax is a regressive tax that falls more on the poor. It amazes me that people can’t see this.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 414

If you're deploying your jar without JRE...

The Java programs that I develop are not commercial products. They are utility programs that I use at work. On occasion a co-worker will remark, "That's cool where did you get that?". I will give them a copy and since they are developers they have no problem installing it. I am not trying to say that Java is great for everything. I am saying that I find it very useful.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 414

your username indicates your bias

I tried about four usernames (including some that I thought were pretty obscure) and they all turned out to be used. Javagator popped into my head and it worked. Java is not my favorite language, C++ is, but if I have to write a program to run on more than one OS and runtime efficiency isn't a factor, I think Java is a good choice.

Comment Re:Java (Score 1) 414

I will dare to say that C++ is doing portable software better than java.

I have Java programs with sophisticated user interfaces that I can run on both Linux and Windows with the same jar file. You can't do that with C++. I would like to try it with a Mac, but I do not have access to one right now.

Comment Re:Do harder interviews net the best candidates (Score 1) 227

Read the "Mythical Man Month". Experiments have been done that show that a factor of ten in productivity is not uncommon between programmers. And this was on fairly simple programs that any programmer could do. On more complex tasks I think the difference would be much higher.

Comment Re:Holy Hyperbole, Batman! (Score 1) 266

In my job I need to know a significant amount of math, understand data structures and object oriented programming, and implement complex algorithms. Most liberal arts majors would be lost. There may be some programs where the user interface is the most important thing. A liberal arts major could be good at that. Even user interface design requires significant attention to detail to handle input errors.

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