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Comment Re:now technology (Score 1) 307

I love these old machines. Here the sturdy cast iron Royal Typewriter. They work nearly forever and give your fingers a little workout as you use it. I myself have an old Royal that I got off eBay used by this guy's mom then put into a garage forever. Its the kind with a glass panel on each side. Need to clean everything up just like you did.

Then I had a Sears Kenmore lawnmower once that was magnesium and clearly forged by a nifty fifty or its variant.

Comment Re:Stifling regulations and old timers (Score 1) 82

Thanks for your cogent comments and replies. I LOVE the idea of being able to fix your own electronics (vs buying another). After building an electronic kit you have the ability to detect and fix many obvious electronic problems.

And please any AARL old timers around this thread. Would you help train a novice? Would you support a novice? Myself and others need this.

Comment Re:No Indeed good sir (Score 4, Insightful) 624

Agreed, a little known book for C++ from the ground up. Is an extremely well organized book "Starting Out With C++" by Gaddis. Dietel and Dietel C++ is manageable but its a thicket of information that makes it tough for some (I have gone through Deitel C++ and Dietel Java). There are a thousand books on C++ and probably a thousand squared number of paths to learning C++. Whatever your C++ journey, have fun!

The C classic is wonderful The C Programming Language Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie.

Knuth is computer philosophy. Makes your soul shine. Treat it like philosophy, read it at leisure and think hard about every word on every page.

Comment POGO PROBLEM? (Score 1) 99

POGO oscillation used to be a problem with rockets. Wonder if those POGO sputters from the Blue Origin picture were the problem or not? One might think that today's rockets like Blue Origin are so sophisticated that they are happy with POGO oscillation. The Wiki article is below. Would appreciate any knowledgeable insight on this.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 741

Future Latin teacher?

What kind of background in school are you using for this? Classes books etc? I know a Judge where I live who majored in classical studies (and has a great background). Now he's a civil judge.

Also what is your favorite study method for Latin and etc? FYI I made mp3 from a Ralph McInerny cassette that came with "Lets Read Latin". This is Ecclesiastical Latin which is like modern Italian and Spanish. I could create a CD out of the mp3 for you if you want.


Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 741

Vieux, happy you still have your dad's Greek primer (bet its Attic Greek). I have a Latin grammar from 1930 and the classic languages haven't changed much.

My dad and his friends studied and knew Greek. And conversed with each other occasionally in Greek (late night at parties). But they were college facility too. Phd's every one of them. Every one of them knew Latin too.

Personally I think we should have a good grasp of a foreign language, math through calculus, statistics, philosophy. Also knowing a few jokes and a daily read of a national news paper. And have a good background for your day job stuff. Kind of a rounded person we can talk to (and not tech school curriculum). My two cents worth.

Right now I am trying to learn Latin and Greek. Pronunciation is the interesting part here. Plimseur for the Greek (modern pronunciation).

All the best,

Comment Weirdly working - not working DSL (Score 1) 412

My DSL has experienced these local solvable issues.

1. Lots of intermittent line failure. The wire from my DSL modem to the wall corroded. A look using a magnifying glass showed significant corrosion of the four wires that plug into the wall. A new cable from Fry's fixed this.

2. My DSL modem. Netopia if you want to know. Fails occasionally.

2A. When its working go to DOS and find the modem's address.
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : (get this ip address)

2A. I have a staple to reset via that hole in the back of the DSL modem.

2C. I type which brings up a little web page from
the DSL modem I go to the setup tab and type my DSL modem's userid
and password. Your modem may vary.

Hope this helps!

Comment Re:Speaking of Class-Action Suits (Score 0, Offtopic) 412

I have had ATT for about three years now.

First I got ATT BASIC DSL like you have. Same speed as you only my down was ~750kbs and UP ~350kbs. That was via copper physical medium to the switching station. I was just inside the max distance. I think I had the last or only copper connection. An ATT guy living below me could not order a an ATT DSL connection.

BEWARE THE ATT PRO UPGRADE! Had connection issues not related to ATT (long story omitted). ATT tech said oh you need to go fiber instead of that crummy old copper. The ATT repair tech was great. She even showed me the nearby HVAC underground switching station.

UNANNOUNCED PRICE INCREASES. Yes fiber is faster and used to cost $20 a month. This month Aug my ATT long distance was cut about a third. But my internet DSL was raised to $30. Guess what? The changes cancel each other out. By the way ATT told me about long distance but DID NOT TELL ME my internet was going up.

So I wonder. What happened to market competition? Where else can I go for cheaper phone and DSL service? Better than a total of $84/month.


Comment What do these scores mean? (Score 1) 225

What's "expert"? The list of qualifications. Then more please on your 221 and 7 out of ten experience. 7 out of 10 what's?

For example in my little world of high power rifle.

A Individual classification
    High Master 97% or above
    Master 94%-96.99%
    Expert 89%-93.99%
    Sharpshooter 84%-88.99%
    Marksman below 84%

B targets and sizes

    200 yard target
    Aiming black
    x ring 3"
    10 ring 7"
    9 ring 13"
    Rings in white
    8 ring 19"
    7 ring 25"
    6 ring 31"
    5 ring 37"

    300 yard target
    Aiming black
    x ring 3"
    10 ring 7"
    9 ring 13"
    8 ring 19"
    Rings in white
    7 ring 25"
    6 ring 31"
    5 ring 37"

    600 yard target
    Aiming black
    x ring 6"
    10 ring 12"
    9 ring 18"
    8 ring 24"
    7 ring 36"
    Rings in white
    6 ring 48"
    5 ring 60"

What are your target values, the size of the 10, 9, 8, etc rings?


Comment Re:big oil is not stupidly evil (Score 2, Insightful) 260

The parent comment is not insightful as graded. Please downgrade to 1.

Reason is I have worked in the petroleum production business. Oil is here and there in certain strata under the ground. Sometimes like in the East Texas Oil field its a puddle 3,300 feet under the ground. Cheap to extract. Other wells cost upward of 20 million to drill so their associated costs are much higher. Even more so if the well is far offshore. Finally an oil company is in business to produce the stuff. They never ever hoard oil. It may appear that way because come oil is more expensive to produce than a current price per barrel indicates.

Think back last Summer when oil price per barrel was extremely high $147. Every energy project was golden. Every expensive well could be turned on. Boone Pickens could invest in wind turbines because at $147 his expensive wind turbines were competitive.

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