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Comment Blurry (Score 5, Insightful) 412

As usual for anything "identified as UFO's" the object is blurry, suggesting the "object" was outside the field of depth, which does seem to be pretty deep as it includes infinity as well as a good amount of the station outside the window.

Could it be that whatever it is, is very near the lens? **gasp, I used logic, I must be part of the conspiracy then.**

Comment It's not really the ads that are the problem (Score 3, Insightful) 237

Though too many are F##KING annoying and resource hungry, and should be killed with nuclear fire.

The real problem though, is the dozens of TRACKERS that usually come with these ads.

They need to die in nuclear fire as well, along with their authors.

Comment Banning crypto is an old and flawed idea. (Score 3, Interesting) 521

Crooks and terrorists won't care about a ban, and the "law abiding" people will be left entirely vulnerable to those crooks and criminals.

I doubt anyone can tell if any given post is using a strong or weakened cipher, at least not without some deep analysis of the data, effectively ruling out internet traffic, meaning their only "effective" ban would be to ban anything not sent in clear text.
I'm no psychic, but I can easily see how well that'll play out.

Comment non-surprise (Score 1) 293

Was anyone really expecting anything else? They certainly wouldn't ever have considered Airbus, the GOP and the public would have slaughtered whomever made the decision to buy non-American, regardless of the benefits the alternatives might have had. That plane is as much an ambassador for the US, as the passengers flying on it.

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