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Comment Time Saved, Time Lost (Score 0) 259

Think of all the time you'll save, given this machine's evident superior performance! Except for the time you lose trying to find a friggin' adapter to connect the laptop to your external monitor. And then you can't transfer that image file to your MacBook Pro because it doesn't have an SD card reader, so you have to go and find another adapter. And you forgot your power supply? You can't borrow a friend's, because their's is a MagSafe. And not MagSafe 2, mind you-- A MagSafe 1. But maybe you can find another adapter for that, also.

Comment Waste of Time (Score 5, Insightful) 332

Great. That's all this once proud franchise needs is yet more pointless explosions and simpleton dialogue. Star Trek has been dumbed down so much, by their own admission, that I pretty much don't even bother watching the reboots. All the impressive CGI in the universe won't conceal the fact that these movies are brainless, patronizing wastes of time.

Gene Roddenberry would be appalled by what's become of his creation. And everyone who grasps what Star Trek originally was intended to be knows it.

Comment Screw Consoles (Score 1) 592

I've always been a PC gamer, and expect to stay that way. Why would I want a separate gaming system with lame, outdated hardware that I can't upgrade or modify, when I already have a fast, adaptable, transferrable, universally capable gaming rig that offers me superior control over bullshit, imprecise gaming controllers?! You put me up against a console gamer in the same game and I'll kick your ass . Badly. This is a widely known, demonstrated reality.

There hasn't been a logical reason to have a separate gaming system since at least the days of the N64-- At least aside from developers making their titles console, only. So I say screw Sony, and screw Microsoft's hardware division. In fact, screw ALL CONSOLE PLATFORMS. I already have a superior gaming experience without the underhanded policies they're evolving, and their namby pamby hardware.

And some will wish to speak about how you can use consoles to expand media viewing options through your TV. There's no technical reason why a PC couldn't do exactly the same thing, if only development was shifted over to it in the same degree that it is toward consoles. There are PC options you could use now, for that matter.

I venture an (admittedly strong) opinion...

Comment Weather Station? (Score 3, Interesting) 211

What about a networked weather station? Nearly everyone's interested in the weather, and from direct experience I can tell you it's really cool to be able to connect to your station from your smart phone, tablet, or any web browser, and observe current conditions. There are relatively inexpensive complete systems available now, such as from the likes of AcuRite. I have a Rainwise MK-III LR, myself, but those are probably more expensive than most would wish to spend.

Well wishes to your dad-- If I make it to that age I hope to exhibit the same energy and curiosity he still engages. This is great to hear about!

Comment Some of it's on Microsoft (Score 1) 479

Some of those still using IE 6 are forced to by virtue of decree by Microsoft: If you're among those hangers on to Windows 2000, Microsoft won't let you upgrade to IE 7 or higher even if you want to. Which isn't to suggest sticking with Win2k is necessarily advisable, but guaranteed that's one of the reasons some are still using IE 6...

Comment Starsiege: Tribes (Score 1) 1120

Maybe I'm too old school, but I'm surprised no one seems to have mentioned this game as a superb candidate for reboot. This is one of the first MMP games, and later modifications made an already fun, dynamic gameplay experience even better. If the reboot retained the excellent taunts and playability of the original title (unlike its subsequent releases), while incorporating contemporary graphic detail, I can't imagine it wouldn't be a successful title. The gameplay of Tribes remains some of the most fun I've ever had playing a video game-- I miss those days!

Comment Just Change The BIOS Settings, Already (Score 1) 325

Given that this appears to be loaded via internal optical drive, I'm not completely understanding why this is such a threat. Discounting the fact mentioned by many others that if you're physically compromised you're already hosed (they can pull the hard drive, etc.), all BIOS renditions I've ever seen allow you to select which device the machine first uses to boot. So, set it to your hard drive. Machine boots from hard drive, doesn't boot from bad CD/DVD. Password protecting your BIOS access (which many, if not most, offer) prevents malicious user from setting the machine back to CD/DVD boot. Some BIOS flavors allow you to turn off CD/DVD boot all together, even.

End of "problem".

I mean really-- This is so simple I fear I must be missing something about this story... ?

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