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Comment Re:FOSS (Score 1) 302

I have to disagree.

Without copyright law, the GPL cannot be enforced, which would lead to rampant plagiarism by big corporations, without any benefit to society.
These big corporations won't release their own modified versions, thus closing the source.

What is needed is a reform in patent law and the reduction of time the copyright can be upheld.

It is tempting to throw the baby with the water, but let's be more humane about this please.

Comment Re:Sounds fair (Score 1) 582

Actually, that's very hard to do here in Israel.
There's a disagreement between the doctors and the rabbis about the determination of death - some of the organ donations are made impossible by it because the body is kept too long after the (from the medical point of view, for it to be useful in a transplant) moments of death. But we have pretty damn doctors here (though grossly overworked) so guess it balances it a bit.

Comment Re:ACTA (Score 1) 307

Also, are you really serious about us economy being closed? Did you forget China and Taiwan, the Indian coders and phone support, even us mail manual processing being offshored to Singapore? You can't be serious.

Subcontracting/off-shoring doesn't say anything about something being open or not.
They may cause leaks, but they can also be made to comply with arbitrary corporate bylaws.

Comment Re:Seems ethically dodgy... (Score 2, Insightful) 539

But in the end, it is the brain that translates the state into a "feeling". It is in the brain where the feeling occurs.
For example - people who had their arms severed may still feel pain in their phantom arm.
Also, various drugs may contract or expand our feeling of the body itself, deny any feeling or make us hyper-sensitive.

What I'm saying is that consciousness is within the brain and the brain alone. The sensory inputs are very important to its upkeep but this is because OUR brain is "designed" (by evolution, I mean) to be that way - but it wouldn't make -sense- otherwise :)

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